Sophie Ward
Apr 21, 2018

New Horrors


So, the last few weeks have been troublesome to say the least. Lots of new symptoms! So I thought I would share them with you and see if anyone is suffering like me or has any advice.


- Increased head pressure

- Decreased appetite

- Digestion problems

- Dizziness

- Chills and fevers

- Skin rashes and itchiness

- Abdominal pain and back pain

- Feeling full quickly

-Nausea and sickness






New Posts
  • Sophie Ward
    Jan 23, 2018

    Am I going crazy? I know one thing for sure - I'm driving myself crazy. My top symptoms that are bothering me most are these: 1. Joint pain - grabbing, pulling, pushing, unbuttoning - you name it, its a issue. 2. Lung and chest pain. The dull ache & your lungs feel so heavy. 3. Migraines - the head throb where you feel like you have been hit over the head with a poll. 4. Brain fog - I have no idea what I am doing or saying pretty much 80 per cent of the time. Routine, habit and winging it is how my days go. 5. Depression - how much more can I take? 6. Leg pain - aching pain where you just want to cut them off at night. 7. Rashes - that cover all my stomach and legs and itch like crazy, especially at night. 8. Crawling - all down my left shoulder and the right side of my face.. like spiders! 9. Sleep disturbances - recurring nightmares and restlessness. 10. Intolerances - more and more, symptoms getting worse. 11. Sore throat and tight chest. Can anyone relate?

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