• Sophie Ward

Monday Morning Motivation.

I think all of us could do with some motivation this morning - I know I could do with some inspiration. Getting all this editing in check, and trying to build a brand is tough work - although fun. I am excited to see everything all coming together! Even if it is slllllowly. And I hope you can all support me on my journey :). I came across this picture this morning and I simply must share it with you all - I think the message is really strong and quite frankly correct - it simply re-enforces all the success stories from this lifestyle.

The message here I do believe is truly right. This video also shows how a plant-based lifestyle makes people feel better in themselves and people's health improves dramatically. Are you feeling sluggish? Bloated maybe - or still even full from last nights dinner - maybe you need to look into your food combining. Don't allow yourself to feel rotten - life's too short for that. So this video can give you some advice and help with this. The problem is these days we have got extremely lazy - we just eat whatever, without thinking and then put up with the 'health problems' 'digestive discomfort' and see it as 'normal' and it should definitely not be something we are putting up with. I am so passionate about this because I suffer SOOOOO badly with digestive discomfort and all of you who know me know my back-story with my Dad suffering badly with his heart - so of course I know heart disease does run in families and since my Dad I do admit to becoming more aware of what I am putting in my mouth - because I want to be healthy, I don't want to be ill with those life threatening diseases - who in the right mind would? So anything to help keep these horrible diseases effecting us I feel we should be willing to try and there are so many success stories of people - reversing their heart disease too! Which is so inspiring - simply going plant-based and cutting out processed chemicals that just block the system up. I will leave you to explore the video's and check out the image I have posted in this blog - and simply have a think about all the benefits and check in with yourself - how is your body feeling today? Are you bouncing with energy and full or life - no? Well why? Never settle. Remember you are worth it! Health is wealth!!

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