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Good Morning BEAUTIFUL SOULS - it is launch day. The day is FINALLY here. I was up at at my computer at 5am this morning to press the approve button as CreateSpace being an worldwide distributor has their main office in South Carolina which is 5 hours behind English time, so at 5.02am ( just to make sure I had a few minutes to ensure it was definitely the 8th for the publishing date I hit approve and instantly my book became available to buy on the CreateSpace estore - which actually is probably the best way to buy the book too. So that's amazing. Amazon have JUST got my book up on all Amazon sites - Amazon.uk, Amazon.eu and Amazon.com - so all very exciting, if you want to wait for the 'Look Inside' feature please be aware you may have to wait a little longer :)

The link for the CreateSpace Estore is https://www.createspace.com/6274976

If you press on that link or if copy and paste into Google it will take you straight to my book and the add to cart option with the description about me and the book itself. As soon as you press add to cart it takes you through all the check out steps - super easy. Beware the price shown is in US dollars just due to the fact I have chosen worldwide distribution and with the company being US based with have to work with their currency, however once on Amazon.uk the price will show in British pounds. Don't forget you can purchase off the CreateSpace Estore and still write a review on Amazon about your experience and if you enjoyed the book (which I hope you will do) and I will be most grateful if you took the time to express your thoughts.

SO very excited and again thank you SO much for all your on-going support, kind messages, words, love and best wishes - they MEAN SO much to me, I have put my heart and soul into this book and I hope to help as many people as I can by continuing to document my journey and spreading the message.

The message being such a strong one - that so many of us are plagued by health, medical issues, allergies, food worries in general and accepting and living only half a life because of all this. With medication thrown at us by health professionals and just feeling like zombies or half the time sicker than we first did due to this. Remember we are only here once and we are all WORTHY and deserve full happiness. We shouldn't suffer in silence, help spread the word, make the change and live the life you deserve - we can't replay and edit yesterday and we can't guarantee tomorrow. Time is precious and so are you and your well-being.

I will leave you to explore the book now and I'll blog later or tomorrow :) Sorry this is an early bird blog this morning - too much excitement. Happy reading - let's get cooking!

REMEMBER - I want to see your amazing creations and inspiration from the book so spread the word and share your pictures through social media using the hashtag #sophantastic .

Keeping the good vibes flowing lovely people - fruit & carb up! EAT UP!! Love you all! Have the best day and enjoy every minute. Love and peace xo

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