• Sophie Ward

Street Party Saturday.

Hey Guys. Well what a busy day, a day which is a perfect example actually of what I spoke about yesterday - taking the negatives and tests thrown at us and making them into positives with good vibes.

Faced with the possibility of rain we were still willing to give the outside a go - so all set up and ready to go with 20 minutes before kick off the skies well and truly opened! So it was rally the troops and head indoors ( something we wanted to avoid and didn't plan for.) However you know what - with everyone chipping in and adding their ideas on how to set up the room it probably looked better than it did when we had everything set up outside. Yes it was stressful and we then felt unprepared because we had lost precious time re-setting up however it may have worked in our favour. As all guests were able to drink their free drink in the reception area before going into the 'event room' a bit more like an event rather than them simply just sitting down. Because we handled the situation and didn't let this hurdle effect us the negative vibes and panic didn't rub off on the guests which meant they still came to the event with a positive outlook and were still willing and up for a good time - which they sure did have!! They danced, they sang, they caught up with each other, they ate and they drank - they were merry and happy. It was lovely to see. To me it is so rewarding - I love seeing people happy. I love watching people enjoy themselves because even if you yourself are having a tough time or a bad day it shows you happiness IS possible and helps you feel more positive in yourself and willing to put on the brave face. I think that is why personally I love giving gifts, I love cooking, baking for people, writing kind words and I could simply watch people be happy all day. Anyways all the guests were truly thankful and grateful for us putting on this event for them and despite all the hurdles we created a complete success out of a challenge that could of become a failure with someone who takes short cuts in life and is negative.

It is all related - you make the choices, you decide whether challenges effect you negatively or positively, whether it is medical, what you are eating or an event etc- you get the idea. But the message I want to get across to you is that this is ONE of the most important skills in life I feel - as learning this skill can be the difference between a life with regrets, what if's and sadness because you have held back and faced everything with a negative mindset or you can have a life of adventure, happiness, success, light and laughter because of a positive mindset.

You make the choice! You have the power to create the life you want - so what helps me is mind mapping. If you are feeling down and finding it hard to find those good vibes - write out a mind map of what YOU want in life, or what you want to achieve in an exam or at work etc. Stay focused and fight negativity - make the most and the best out of the hurdles that are thrown at you.

Here is a quick video of the day for you to see the happiness for yourselves:) I will hopefully make a better one tomorrow as I may have better equipment so I can get the proper videos off my camera. So this quality isn't top notch - but I was just so eager to show you a glimpse of the day.

Here is a picture of what Matthew and I ate, we didn't have fish and chips like everyone else - plant-based, allergy-free was what was on the menu for us:

SWEET POTATO LOVE. #plantpower #puregoodness

Updates on last night as promised too - I did try out the new Thai sauce and it was lovely! However I think I am going to keep it under wraps for now - and feature it in my next book. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, the queen's celebrations and lots of good foods. Love and peace xo

#plantbased #healthy #healthyliving #streetparty #queens90th #fun #goodvibes #makeyourchoice #plantbasedlifestyle

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