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Results of Plant Power & A Stressful Sunday.

Hey Guys, Today is going to be another mad day so just making sure I can check in with you. I have the house to clean (my bed to change- hate that task the most), to nip to get some last minute technical equipment, set up the equipment, learn how to use it, practice using it, cook - eat, social media work and finish packing.. the list seems never ending and time consuming. So that is why this blog is an early bird one this Sunday morning - however I hope you are all enjoying your lie in's are having a more chilled Sunday - like Sunday should be.

Wish I could just flop like this. Anyway. Let's get into what I wanted to talk to you about.

A few days ago I talked about my close friend Jacob who was suffering with gluten and dairy allergies that had recently begun taking holding of him. He was struggling with awful stomach pains, sluggishness, tiredness, bad digestion and more. He reached out to me for help and I told him to eat plenty of bananas, rice, raw veggies - limited oil as oil is processed and often contains gluten and when he is already suffering it will only irritate things At first he was like bananas? Really? Well he was speaking to me the other day after snapchatting me lots of great plant-based dishes he was eating, so rices, hummus etc. He was telling me how he had been getting in the bananas in and he was feeling alot better, the way he was talking he had more of a bounce in his step- he is enjoying his experiences FAR more in Mexico City because he admits he feels he has more energy and is feeling a lot better in himself with the foods he is eating. Literally Jacob has been eating this way properly for about two weeks - so to see benefits now is amazing. He admits his anxiety is still an issue and his asthma due to the climate has been an issue but like myself I feel that you see a few immediate benefits like more energy, better digestion, food not harming you or making your slugglish but other problems may take time - like I suffer from migraines BADLY and anxiety and am taking med's and ongoing injections for my migraines, which I hope and I do believe in time this life-style will improve these but like I have stated before there are no quick-fixes in life we have to be patient and keep fighting, stay on track and work at it and the see and feel the rewards. If you are becoming unmotivated it is also inspiring to watch on YouTube the success stories and there you will see it is worth all the work. I think Jacob understands this too - as he has already said as soon as he gets home he is going to have an allergy test, as he thinks wheat may be an issue for him too but he really wants to know what is affecting him so then he can avoid them and eat this way of life for good - which is amazing! I am so proud of him and I love receiving his Snapchats of the food he is eating and the products he has come across and is trying out. It is so amazing to see him realising he doesn't have to suffer and there is a way to eat,enjoy food and feel good.

I am proud of him and so happy he is feeling better - I enjoy him reaching out to me too and please if you have been cooking, eating, questions or want some advice share it all with more and reach out - Instagram @sophiewardy , Snapchat @sophwardy, Twitter @sophwardy - you can leave a comment here, email me from the box on this site, or simply comment on a picture on instagram or snap me directly. I love to hear from you. Also remember spread the #sophantastic buzz.

Eat up, soak up the good vibes and I'll check in tomorrow with hopefully with a good blog as I do have alot of things I have come across in the last few days that I want to bring up and talk about. So keep updated!! Love and peace all xo

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