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Allergy Laws.

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all having a good day despite this bad weather.

This week I can already see being a pretty busy one - I have so many recipes to try that I have created. So we will see how all those turn out ( hopefully well ) and I need to keep working on my book, working on sections so at the end I can put it all together and make it the best I can for my readers. Today though I wanted to talk about Allergy Laws and my concern now we have left the EU.

As our laws were made up by the EU association and with us now leaving, other people may say there are 'bigger' issues our country should be focusing on. I do agree that there are major issues that will immediately need to be addressed and ironed out but the thought that our food allergy laws may become less strict, or people may get lazy with how the treat allergies because the Government aren't being so tight with regulations really worries me.

As I have spoken on here before I did have a very bad virus back in May - and since then I haven't been fully right, and it is taking me time to get better because of the damage caused by the virus but also travelling to somewhere with less strict regulations and my body having to cope with trying to heal from the virus whilst dealing with reactions from products it can't handle has been so tough on my body. This is making me upset as I type because unless you have serious allergies you won't understand how just someone being lazy and not checking labels properly on foods and serving it to us can effect us.

I don't think Matthew fully realised how critical being so alert to this food allergy issues really is so important after seeing me suffer and how it affects me.

My allergies always used to make me sick - so sick and of course would make me bring up what I had eaten, but when I had the virus I was sick so much that it was just water coming back up for about two days, the acid from this has really affected my mouth - I STILL can't taste things properly and this is the most annoying thing as I love my food and when I can't taste the spices and things taste 'off' it is so frustrating and my stomach is so weak, anything it seems that I eat that especially has chemicals in I will get serious cramps to the point I am struggling to stand.

I know that in time I will improve but the fact it is taking so long is upsetting me as I am sick of feeling this way and suffering more. I blamed myself alot on holiday just because I was getting so fed up I just wanted to be 'normal' and not have to miss out on my fave foods and be ill off the food I did eat. Due to being tired (me being me) blamed myself thinking I was a bad luck charm, how was I able to improve this, why was I being thrown these 'tests & blips' when I had been on a good road and I have fought for so long and so hard. Luckily I had Matthew to pick me up and be positive- I always try and see things in a positive light anyways but sometimes things get too much. Oh boy this makes me so upset and mad at myself now as I want and expect myself to be stronger. And I was trying to face other struggles too like body confidence ( which is no-existent ) we had many tears over outfit choices and what I could wear - but people are quick to judge and don't think how I really feel inside - they will just pull you to shreds about being too skinny. It is the toughest and makes me so upset - as this isn't me and another reason why I am so passionate about allergies being more recognized because they do change your whole life, you do have to adapt SO much and it's not easy. Boy is it not easy!!

But with allergy laws being slacker and being sold and told products and dishes were 'gluten free', 'dairy free' etc then you believing you are safe it is all good, and consuming the product only to be seriously ill after, throat closing up, acid reflex, stomach cramps, feeling like you are going to be sick, being sick, your eyes you can't keep them open, you get a headache, brain fog - it is scary! I suffer from anxiety as most of you know so all this doesn't help that because when you are out, you panic about being able to get home, your night and day is being ruined, you don't want to be sick- you are just want to begin the process of herbal teas, laying down on your left side to prevent this but how can you do this in a restaurant, movement- so in the car or walking, simply because people haven't checked properly - like a product saying it is dairy-free then on the back it says milk-powder and egg-powder. Luckily my allergies won't kill me. Though experiencing these slacker laws when I wasn't fully recovered has really opened my eyes, made me more concerned about how our country will now address this issue and how now I am back home I am faced with really healing as I do feel battered, I am exhausted and I know I have put it down to jet lag but thinking now I do think that my body is just more exhausted from having to deal with all the products that I consumed whilst being away that my body see's as toxic. As I was away a long time and you do have 3 meals a day, with snacks it is alot for the body to process and deal with when they all have something that effects it in.

Seeing for myself how slack and how lazy people and companies can be and how if laws weren't strict how this could easily happen is a major worry.

I know people without allergies and who can eat whatever and not be affected by anything will argue with me that things like immigration, our debt, jobs etc are far more important and I am not saying they aren't. But do people who suffer from allergies deserve to suffer and live half a life? How is that fair? We didn't ask for these allergies and a lot of us have had to cut out our FAVE foods because of them, we try and stay positive by creating recipes with allergy-free products but they of course will never be the same.

Branflakes used to be my life - my absolute fave!!!!I haven't eaten them for 15 months and I used to eat them everyday - just think about your favourite food or dish and thinking about NEVER having it again. Just think. Just think about going out with your friends for drinks and good food but then being embarrassed having to order side dishes and explain all your allergies when you can see the server getting frustrated and that having to watch your friends eat your fave dishes.

That is why I am dedicating my time to create allergy-free dishes to give people their love of food back, be able to eat and not be ill and enjoy food again. I am passionate about this because I fight everyday but we need the support of the Government, we need to ensure that good, honest, strict laws are in place and that we are lazy with them.

The EU were also planning on promoting more plant-based products and diets and I am truly hoping we still follow them on this - as I worry that now this will not apply to our country and I think it will not just be really beneficial for me food wise but everyone - as previously explained, a plant-based diet has SO many benefits and can help anyone and everyone improve their health.

So all I want you to do is just consider people suffering from allergies, be aware how important it is to check EVERYTHING, consider how difficult it is for allergy suffers ( no I am not asking for sympathy - I can be strong and I fight for myself ) , please don't allow laws to become slack and be more considerate to people who do suffer from allergies - it is embarrassing for us, we don't want to cause issues, so when companies are difficult with us it does affect us. WE WANT TO EAT AND ENJOY FOOD TOO. WE DESERVE THAT TOO. Thank you for reading.

And remember you can purchase my book of Amazon.com- SOPHANTASTIC ALLERGY-FREE CREATIONS - you can use the look inside feature to have a glance of what you are in for before purchasing and I am so excited about working on my new book for you all. EAT UP.

Love and peace.


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