• Sophie Ward

Food Allergies? Let's not miss out on the summer vibe, adapt.

Hiiii Guys,

Today I just wanted to show you last weekends food haul and how surrounding yourself with supportive people is what is always needed and can give you so much motivation to not allow food allergies to ruin events and experiences you used to enjoy so much. With it being summer too and friends you don't often see, events you don't normally take part in due to weather or them only happening at certain times you don't want to be missing out or worrying - so support and adapting is so important here. I hope this video shows you how easy it is and how we can still have fun and deserve to enjoy ourselves.

We had a lovely small BBQ where I created BBQ recipes that will be in my new American recipe book out towards the end of summer - eeeeek, so you can check all those beauties out soon. They went down well with my professional tasters Jacob and Matthew and then my brother Alex, his girlfriend Trish and Matthew kindly came with me to a Thai/ Chinese in Lytham St Anne's. ( Thank you for all your support guys.) I want to do more of testing restaurants out - just so I can inform you all more on good places to eat with what kind of dishes you can expect, after my experiences in America and being so ill, and the embarrassment caused by some restaurants I have tried back here going out for dinner is becoming more stressful for me and I LOVE my meals out so I am hoping my family and friends will be up for the challenge of testing restaurants, cafes and eateries with me over the summer.

So here you go- enjoy and look forward to the recipes being released. Don't forget Sophantastic Allergy Free Creations is now available on kindle!! So check that out and get cooking.

If you need any advice on food for events, or food for travel please reach out :)

Love and peace, have a good weekend - love, laughter and fun filled. xo

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