• Sophie Ward

Home Time - 5 countries in 3 weeks.

To be back in your own bed is heaven! Gosh there is nothing like the comfort of your own bed.

After three weeks of travel and being on the go, crossing into five countries has truly exhausted me completely. I had the best time and learnt so much, with some very successful, funny, business minded, witty people. I learnt a lot and experienced sights and ventures I will never forget.

Food wise - I would say Slovenia was the easiest to get the food I wanted. They seemed to understand a lot better and because we ate in a small independent restaurant and they were flexible and worked with me, which I appreciated.

However when we go to Italy - the hotel lunch was hard work but their main restaurant where the gala dinner the final dinner was held they were excellent with me - I even hugged the waiter when we left. There was four courses - which is an awful lot but I got raw veggies with a mustard dip, boiled veggies with new potatoes, black rice, a massive tomato and cucumber salad and then fruit to finish. I would have had them in a slightly different order but Anna the waiter asked me what I like and eat and they put together a perfect menu. I was truly grateful and appreciated Anna making sure I wouldn't be embarrassed by her asking and checking with me and not causing a fuss or being stand-offish about having to go out of their way to create food for me. She even got Alex steak because he didn't like fish.

In Venice though it was a slightly different story. They all nod (a bit like Croatia) to say they understand and know what you mean and then bring it out incorrect. I don't know if it was the waiters getting confused or the chefs simply not listening. However its hard work - because you have to eat. Though you don't know what they have put in it or misunderstood or understood. It is very hard work,

I definitely recommend Okrina in Bled Slovenia - they are amazing, the food is awesome, the staff are so friendly and will cater to your every need ( nothing is an issue to them ) and they serve a mixture of dishes so it pleases everyone. It's an fab place. So check it out.

I have a busy schedule now I am home - so many exciting things I need to sort and get into place. Make sure you check out my YouTube channel and watch all the ventures we experienced. You can also follow my Insta @sophiewardy and Snapchat @sophwardy .

The world never stops spinning - and that is literally true across lots of areas in 'life' - time stops for nobody and is precious, so spend it wisely.

Love and Peace. xo


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