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Coconut Oil To Save The Day.

Struggle with oils? I have the answer!

Due to my recent bad reaction to oils I made the swap to using coconut oil a few months now after watching some YouTuber's bake and cook with coconut oil in so many different ways and the health benefits from the product. Yes, yes, yes it is a bit more expensive that even your 'better' oils like sesame seed and rapeseed oils but you can purchase coconut oil and coconut butter from many supermarkets and of course Holland and Barrett stock a number of different brands. I just wanted to share with you 3 recipes and ways you can use coconut oil to create delicious dishes.

I was going to blog you my top 3 fave's but then that would be sending out spoiler's for my new book.

1. Cheesecakes:

As most of you who follow my insta- sophiewardy will know I love to bake cheesecake as dessert and use them as celebratory gifts. Due to having wheat, gluten, egg and dairy allergies - all ingredients in your standard cakes and unfortunately without any of these staple ingredients you won't get a decent cake ( or I haven't figured out a way yet ) so for now this is my staple dessert. You can get my raspberry peach cheesecake recipe in my new book United Tastes of America.

But once you have the base taken care of with nuts, dates and other dried fruits which are combined with the coconut oil the filling you can let your mind run wild with - a bit like your banana ice cream and oatmeal recipes you can simply add anything and combine with coconut oil, a plant-based milk and syrup.

Look out for my recipe in my new book - coming very soon.

And this is the perfect light but filling dessert to take round to Christmas family gatherings when you can't indulge on that trifle, fruitcake and ice cream. This is the perfect dish to take so you can still eat and enjoy dessert too. As I know in the passed I have had to skip dessert and watch everyone else eat yummy dishes in envy!!

2. Oatmeal Bars:

So simple, yummy and can be eaten as a snack or small breakfast.

-100g of rolled oats ( freefrom oats for the gluten & wheat free audience) -25g of either soya spread ( this is also really easy to get hold of an great for baking, I wouldn't use it for frying ) or coconut oil.

-10g of nut butter - almond, cashew or peanut

-Spices - your choice. I love cinnamon and ginger! so I normally put 1 tsp of cinnamon in and 1/4 tsp of ginger. You don't even have to add spice if you aren't a spicy person. A good alternative is using Holland and Barrett and the Bioglan range of powder where you can add Acai powder (amazing antioxidants will give you that forrest fruit flavor), SuperGreens ( You can get the 'green' pwoder with 81 nutrients in its amazing and its tropical flavor so if you are making a coconut oat bar with coconut flakes this would be sooooo tasty or you can get the supergreen cacao powder which give you that amazing chocolate flavor for all you choco-a-holics. )

-I love to add frozen blueberries that I have heated up in the microwave as all their juiciness is released and tastes amazing in the bars but of course you can do this with most frozen fruits for the same effect and taste.

-Add 3 tbsp of syrup - I used Sweet Freedom Fruit Syrup - I LOVE Sweet Freedom as a brand ( they allow me to still enjoy chocolaty goodies). I first came across them in Holland and Barrett and now rely on them a lot. They have this wonderful fruit syrup packed with natural sugars from fruit that is really yummy and so good for baking and over the top of cereal, cakes, fruit - delicious. I know alot of plant-based and vegans use alot of maple syrup in their dishes and I used to, but its very sickly!! This syrup is fruitier and lighter, so I guess it depends how sweet your tooth is! Either syrup or date syrup is fine here though. And their 'Choc Shots' - they have normal chocolate, chocolate orange and coconut chocolate flavors, but you can make the yummiest hot chocolate with just 1 tsp of this sauce. It is very rich!! But when added to a plant-based milk, I sometimes spice it up a bit with some fruit syrup and vanilla extract and a little trivia and its INSANE. I try and make time for one everyday - 10 minutes of heaven!

You have properly already seen if you follow me that I do add this sauce to a lot of my other recipes, Like my banana nice cream, either on the top or if I am making chocolate flavor I add in the sauce with cacao power, over pancakes and for a cheeky snack! If you are trying to be healthy but need a sweet naughty fix slice a banana in half and pour over your sauce, wrap in foil and bake for 10 mins on a 160 degree C fan assisted oven and the result you get a warm gooey banana swimming in chocolate sauce!!


-1/4 cup of water

-1/4 cup of coconut palm sugar

Stir it all together in a bowl, lay it out on a baking tray, baking for 20 minutes on a 180 fan assisted oven and then remove cut into squares or slices and enjoy, you can also refrigerate these and they will last for 4-5 days.

My favorite cafe - 'Light Ash' check it out they do the most AMAZING cakes ever, and I used to be there every week near enough stuffing my face with cakes aiming to try all the different wonderful creations they come up with ( probably where I got most of my weird 'out the box' thoughts for recipes from ) and I used to love their cherry flapjack, so now that I can't get that fix anymore, it was necessary for me to create an alternative to feed this craving.

Again as long as you have the essentials you can jazz the recipe up how you wish!


Who on this earth doesn't love a chip or too?

With every restaurant more or less having them as a staple on their menu it is comforting to know that you will at least get something to eat.

However with my recent issues with oil, it's made chips become a bit of a mine field. You don't know what oil the restaurant has cooked them in and if you will get a reaction or not. So if rice is an option it is definitely safer to stay safe! ESPECIALLY ABROAD - my reaction wasn't the prettiest and having to cope with it on flying day as well when flying like everyone makes them feel rubbish. It wasn't the most enjoyable trip home.

Though don't count chips as another food you have to miss out on.

Coconut oil is a great way to fry and bake food. I always make sweet potato fries at home, I prefer them and the potatoes have more nutrients in than normal white potatoes and I always bake them in coconut oil, you don't need that much to fry them either. I simply add 2 tsps of coconut oil to a bowl, add my spices ( this you don't have to include but I add - paprika, pepper, salt and rosemary ) then add your chopped chips to the bowl ( I usually have 2 sweet potatoes ) coat evenly, add to a baking try, pour over any left over spice mix and bake for 25-30 minutes at 175 degrees C.

They come out crispy ( if you prefer them super crispy add more oil ), not as crispy as normal chips ( but I like that - you can actually taste potato and not oil ) and they have that coconut flavor running through them too but not too overpowering.

Matthew always asks now for his sweet potato dishes to be fried or baked with coconut oil. If you don't like coconut and you also suffer with oils due to additives they put in them ( please watch out for these in sugars too - so brown, white sugars etc) if you can always buy plant based sugar or syrup - you don't want to risk a reaction. But like I said if you do suffer with oils but aren't a fan of coconut try a soya spread - they aren't as rich in nutrients as coconut oil of course but being soya it is packed with proteins so still beneficial and a go 'go to' to use for many staples in dishes. If you are ok with oil then rapeseed is your next best staple ( for nutrients ).

Of course the recipe is flexible so if you don't want to use expensive oils, aren't dairy intolerant or bothered about nutrients maybe if you are getting them from else where then use your favorite oils and butters.

My new book has a lot of it's recipes containing and working with coconut oil, so if you enjoy the above dishes I am sure that you will enjoy all my delicious recipes! ALL COMING SOON.

In the meantime keep following my insta @sophiewardy, twitter @sophwardy and snapchat @sophwardy - I post a lot of my day to day dishes that I enjoy on those sites and of course you can reach out to me there too.

Sophantastic Allergy-Creations is also available on Amazon worldwide, Barns and Noble and Amazon Kindle where you can start cleaning down your kitchen and cooking up some yummy recipes, that you can easily adapt to your own tastes.

Anything you do cook or bake please hashtag sophantastic so I can see your amazing pictures. Thank you for reading :) Peace and Love. xo

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