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Monday Motivation. Inspiration. Coping With Winter. Eating All The Treats. Book Advances.

There is so much going on right now you forget to stop and think.

I have so many ideas and so many things coming up - with Christmas round the corner and Halloween only two weeks today there is a lot of things to think about.

With the cold mornings rolling in and the dark nights vastly approaching I know for myself like many others this time of year is tough for them. So keeping ourselves motivated during the next few months is going to be so vital.

So I personally have set out a few goals for each month to keep me focused and try to make sure I can enjoy the winter season and make it a positive time not a negative one.

So if you are like me and struggle through the winter season, as well if you suffer with allergies and are dreading having to face watching people scoff your fave foods then my aim will be to try and give you advice that I am using to get through each month.

Below I will share with you my targets.

I follow 'Deliciously Ella' on YouTube and her journey from suffering with diseases and intolerance's - she was my inspiration to get into all this, as well as my Mum giving me the push to make my recipes into books and use my experiences to help and guide others. Though I love watching all Ella's 'What I Eat In A Day' videos I came across a video that someone had posted of Ella doing a Q & A at an event. It was so eye opening and I related to it so much that its given me a lot of motivation.

She talked about going on a trip to America when she was ill and her boyfriend bringing her home practically semi-conscious she said. I know how she feels here! As I was pretty much the same when I returned from my Route 66 trip, although I didn't realize she had been through roughly the same experience. She explained how it took her six months to recover from that trip and expressed how difficult it is travelling with having access to the foods she can tolerate ( totally understand that!) She said she always travels with her blender. So if she hasn't managed to have a meal she will just go to a market buy fruit, veg whatever she can find and have to blend it into juices to drink. She spoke about how she gets annoyed of people judging her diet when they see it as 'overly healthy' and 'restrictive' this upsets her because although she said she was bed bound for 8 months, 12 months to begin to feel the true benefits and two years to really be at the top of her game health wise, this way of eating has given her life, without it she would be bed bound, unable to eat out, be ill all the time. So that's why people criticizing her diet angers her. Though to me they can criticize all they want because they are probably just jealous - I mean she is a 2 x bestselling author and has the sweetest cafe that is very successful, so who is the real winner here?

She spoke how her Mum had given her the idea to put together her recipes and create a book, luckily her Mum knew publishers so she was put into contact with some amazing publishing companies that really helped her a lot. She never had a nutritionist she did her own research and didn't and still doesn't rely or really use powders. Now personally I love Holland & Barrett and Bioglan's range of nutritious powders but she did say Holland and Barrett was the best place to shop if people did use powders.

Everyone knows how much I rely on Holland and Barrett!!

At the age of 24 though she has done incredibly well. She began 4 years ago and her business has just blown up and gone crazy. Like she said in her video she began blogging at 20 purely just to make a note of foods she had come across, tried and her emotions on the journey she was facing. She said she never expected or thought people would ever read it or follow her. Then with her successful books, leading to her opening her cafe she is one busy lady and has her health issues, her family and her own determination to thank for all the success she has had in such a short time space.

Ella celebrated reaching 100k subscribers late week, and with her smoothie book coming out for Christmas I can only see her becoming more and more successful and I am so pleased for her. She is truly a role model, and for someone just starting out on this journey I truly do see her as an inspiration.

I am really glad I came across this video as it gave me even more of an insight into the lady Ella is and I related to her so much more that it gave me a motivation boost that I am not alone.

Especially when you have had a few bad blips you do doubt everything we need to look at role models like Ella to show us the struggle and fight is worth it and no journey worth while is ever easy and there are never any short cuts in life, we have to ride the roller-coaster and try and deal with everything life throws at us in the best way we can.

Thank you Ella, congrats and keep spreading the message.

With my edits complete my book is now getting the final corrections made to it and then publishing will begin.

Exciting times. So a date will shortly be announced. Super excited - lots of hard work has gone into this book and I hope you all enjoy it and it helps people more than anything!!

When you feel you are fighting and juggling a number of battles alone - please sit back and realize you aren't alone. If you do have any questions or want any advice please, please don't sit there in silence - reach out!

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You can also leave me a message right here and I will always reply as soon as I possibly can.


October's tasks - * Write down 3 things you have done with your day everyday. Be proud of your achievements, learn from your mistakes.

* Don't miss out on the goodies!! Yes everyone around you may be scoffing their faces with good old trick or treat pick and mixes and toffee apples. Don't miss out - if you want sweets or chocolate go and get yourself some - Goody's Good Stuff sweet range is amazing, and there are lots of chocolate brands out there. OR like Miss Greedy here did today just make yourself a full dessert as an afternoon snack! My cheesecake was flipping good! We don't have to settle for boring foods.

I simply quartered the 8 inch cheesecake recipe from my new book (coming soon) to make my own individual cheesecake and simply changed up the flavor to what I fancied, which was blueberry, cherry and cranberry today - SO YUMMY. You deserve the treats everyone else has, you have had to give up enough already, remember that!

* Get excited for my book release and projects for the future - mind is always working!!

* Enjoy fall for all that it involved - Halloween, Bonfire night, Pumpkin spices, treats, beautiful trees - all the little things.

Send me pictures of your treats or #sophantastic on social media. If you have any good treat ideas SHARE THEM, I would love to try them.

We are stronger than we think and we should never underestimate ourselves. I saw a quote today - 'Start living your perfect dream today.'

We have to motivate and inspire ourselves and there is always a way.

Peace and love. xo

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