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24. Kick Start The Week. Care For Yourself.

This week: Listen to your body give it time to heal and repair.

'We may want our bodies to work like machines but even machines need a service and repairs from time to time and we never question them.' - Sophie Ward.

I would just like to begin thanking Shield Crest for their amazing write up - check it out.


Thank you - I am truly grateful!!

With colds spreading like wild fire at the moment, we can tell winter is coming.

I just wanted to give you some advice on what to be adding to your diet to help beat your cold. However it is Monday so I won't overwhelm you. I will just give you the main facts.

1. Turmeric Milk

- 1/2 tsp turmeric powder

-1/4 tsp cinnamonn

- 1 x tsp of grated ginger

- 200ml of almond milk

-50ml of hot water

Turmeric works best as an anti-inflammatory.

Ginger helps nausea and is a natural healer.

They are your main go to when you are feeling under the weather.

2. Add apple cider to you diet.

This is super easy, you can add apple cider vinegar to soups, stews, salads also drink 1 x tsp with water. Apple cider vinegar is great for your immune system.

3. Add lemon.

Adding lemon to water, cuppa's, salads, pasta sauces etc.

Lemon is great for vitamins to fight off any unwanted diseases.

4. Gargle .

Lemon juice, 1 x tsp of baking powder and 1 x tsp of salt ( natural salt not refined )

This solution is a natural way to combat your sore throats and help soothe those tonsils.

5. Supplements.

-B12 - brain and nerve function. The spray is always better but you can find b12 in tablet form and a lot plant-based products contain b12 too, it is also branching out into teas ( Tentley do a great immune system range ).

-Vitamin D - I know there was never any real sun anyway but with the dark mornings, nights and gloomy weather we need this vitamin more than ever to keep our immune system's working well and helping our daily functions.

-Magnesium - Will help repair and is helpful for people with insomnia. Take one tablet at night to help your sleep be more peacefully and help your body repair as you sleep.

- Don't like Turmeric or Apple Cider vinegar? Simply purchase the tablets! You can do this through Holland and Barrett. I now don't travel without these. As at home I am always adding these spices and vinegars into my cooking but of course with travelling you are not able to do this ( unless you have a self-catered holiday) however you are sometimes unable to find the products you rely on at home, abroad or are able to read labels so it is safer to take the tablets form and still get the nutrients needed.

-Iron - dried fruit are ace for iron and those leafy greens - who can forget pop-eye ey, but if you feel you need more like most people do this time of year! It is the most stressful and tiring! You should invest in a good iron tablet. Holland and Barrett of course have a great range.

But most importantly I subscribe a supplement of love, laughter, sweetness and treats.

Its that season - known as the season of joy so treat yourself! You only live once.

Just some ideas and quick little advice there. Of course if you go on Holland and Barrett online or go into the shop you will see they have an endless range, so do some exploring and find the products you feel your body needs.

They also have a sell on right now so please check out that, and stock up !!

Competition -


Design a bright, plant-based, foodie bookmark I can use as giveaway and help spread the word.

The prize will be a box full of goodies: recipes, snacks, products, advice and much more.

You have 2 weeks - let's get on it.

Cant wait to see your designs - the winner will be emailed directly.

New week.

Care for yourself - goal.

As many of you know 24 is my lucky number.

So I am hoping for a good week!!

A busy week ahead I can see!

Enjoy your Monday and let's keep positive whatever life throws at us we can fight!! Even when you are feeling rubbish and down, remember all the things you enjoy, the good family and friends you have around you and the fun times you have to enjoy ahead.

Peace and Love, Sophie xo

We may want our bodies to work as machines - but sometimes even machines need servicing and repairing.

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