• Sophie Ward

NFL Take Down! Top Weekend.

American dream.

My love for American sport - I have wanted to go and see American football for

SO long!

And luckily Mama and Papa are fans of the NFL and when they were younger used to follow the games and the schedule closely.

So coming to the game brought back memories for them.

Had the best day- the vibe was amazing.

We didn't go to British - we added put touch but kept it very American- we held the event perfectly.

I think we have to give ourselves credit for holding great events like this and the Olympics we always add our own touch and create a great vibe that not many other places can achieve.

Redskins played well and pulled off some last minute touch down points, achieving a draw.

I will accept that - I hoped they would win, so I could have seen them win. But they didn't lose!!! That's the main thing.

Suffering from flu symptoms all of us did cause us some issues - however I didn't let it over shadow my memories. These events are once in a lifetime and you have to take eachopportunity  and make the most of it.

Matthew enjoyed himself -

We both said that watching the Celtics (Boston celtics) in Boston was our fave event but this was a close second and I hope we can go again next year and get tickets.

Food was a little bit of an issue - all fried! And of course it's too hard to simply boil rice with water 😣🙄 it really annoys me! Please restaurants -

PLEASE it's boiled rice!! No butter, no sauce, no oil- simple.

Even all the oil was upsetting my Mum's stomach, it really is toxic to many people.

Fresh food is the only type of food to heal you properly.

Now back at home - Halloween is today and with so much to do I just wanted to give you a quick update and check in.

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Sophie Ward

NFL fun


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