• Sophie Ward

Bonfire Night Treats.

Hi everyone -

Another 'festive' celebration is here. So here is are your allergy-free sticky toffee apples Sophantastic style.

How do I achieve these goodies?

Serves 2:

Grab 2 x granny smith apples

Boil for 10 minutes

Choice of chocolate or 'toffee' coating.

For the chocolate grab some 'Just' chocolate easily found in the Free From aisle and add to a bowl 2 strips with a tsp of water. Microwave until melted ( more water may be needed ). Once melted dip you apple in the bowl of melted chocolate.

For a toffee coating grab 200g of coconut sugar and 2 x tbsp of maple syrup and a dash of apple cider vinegar. Add sugar to the hob, and add 25ml of water, dissolve sugar watching closely, once dissolved add vinegar and syrup and roll/dip your apple into the sticky syrup.

Place in the fridge once toppings are added and enjoy whenever you are ready.


Here is the fun part!

I will leave it totally up to yourselves how you top your apples as everyone is different and my recipes are always a base, where you can add your own touches and tastes to them.

Allergy-free topping ideas:

-Crushed nuts (of course if you have a nut allergy avoid!)

-Marshmallows by Mallows they have a vanilla flavor and a strawberry.

-Choco chips - Free From.


-Goody's Goodstuff sweets.

There are many more but above is just a few ideas - if you aren't gluten and wheat intolerant you can also use crushed Oreo's as an option.

I hope you all enjoy Bonfire night and remember having allergies shouldn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun.

Thoughts & comments:

Who picked chocolate? Who picked toffee?

I chose chocolate!! I added crystallized ginger to one of my apples to fit in with the autumn seasonal theme and coconut, raisins and crushed nuts to the other.

I can't wait to dig in a little later. What sweet treats are you all loving right now? Comment and let me know. I am always looking for new products to try.

Love and peace to all xo


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