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ONE week - the countdown begins. Office Vibes. Giveaway! GoodnessDirect.co.uk

Hello beautiful souls,

Receiving the email this morning from Shield Crest saying that my book has now been registered with Amazon and Nielsen all ready for next week and that Shield Crest have their press release ready for the day is all so exciting and making this all real now. It has been quite a process but hopefully SO worth it in the end.

Again thank you for all your on-going support and help throughout the publishing process. I can't thank my family, friends and of course Shield Crest who have been amazing to work with and have really enjoyed working alongside them. Thank you!

I have now finally got my work space set up! Which was so need - so lots of Sophantastic vibes flowing now.

Very excited about that!

Check out my YouTube snapshot video of Matthew and I putting the room together. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE :) LIKE AND COMMENT.

I will hopefully have wrapped up a YouTube test taste video by the end of the weekend, which I will keep you up to date with. Super exciting - got some great treat products to share with you ready for the festive season. My Nana also truly loved her Chocolate and raspberry cheesecake which is AMAZING news. So glad she didn't miss normal cake! Share with me your experiences on birthday occasions - do you enjoy making allergy-free treats? Are you subject to miss out? Do you need advice on recipes? Please reach out.

I also have some amazing news that I will be working along GoodnessDirect.com , they have some amazing products that are allergy free, organic, eco and healthy. Not all products are allergy-free so even if you don't suffer with allergies it is well worth checking them out.

Here is a brief outline into what they do:

Healthy Foods from GoodnessDirect.co.uk

Here at GoodnessDirect.co.uk we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality health foods on the market. We have thousands of healthy foods for you to choose from that we are confident you will adore.

The Finest Health Food Online

We are one of the leading health food stores because we are committed to offering delicious health foods. For this reason, we offer a wide range of products for a range of diets, so we recommend you browse our organic food, gluten free products, wheat free foods, fitness foods and dairy free foods, plus many more.

One of the Best Health Food Shops

Our goal is to make shopping for health food easy. When you order our health food online then we will deliver it to your door in a fast and efficient manner. As well as offering the very best organic food, dairy free milk products, low fat food and more, you can also buy toiletries and household products that are good for you and the environment from our health food shop.

Come to GoodnessDirect.co.uk

We are committed to maintaining our status as one of the best health food online stores, as we continue to deliver tasty and healthy products for people with different allergies and diets. So, if you are looking for one of the finest health food shops on the market, then you should make sure you come to us for products that taste great and make you feel happy and healthy.

All that you guys have to do is use the code 'SOPH' when checking out and so GoodnessDirect know where you guys have come from :) and they will help spread our allergy-free message.

I will keep you updated on offers and new products I try and test from GoodnessDirect so you know what to try etc. I have ordered a few chocolate treats to do a taste test with so it will be interesting to see the results from that! Looking forward to receiving them as they do sound amazing! Like I said head over to GoodnessDirect.co.uk and see for yourselves the wide range of products they have to offer. They don't just have foods they also do supplements, home products and skin products.

Amazing online store and cheaper than places like Holland and Barrett which is a massive plus!! As it is totally unfair how us suffer's have to pay more for 'allergy-free' foods because of them being allergy free.

In celebration of only having one week until United Tastes Of America is available for you to buy and having good news all round today I am go to run a Giveaway!

I want to hear from you all with your questions. The person who comes up with the best five questions will get a selection box with allergy-free treats in and I will answer all questions I receive. And will make a video answering the winner's questions.

As always - follow me on Snapchat: sophwardy and Insta: sophiewardy to keep up to date.

Big THANK YOU to Matthew for his desk building skills ( got to love him )!

Enjoy the video, get excited for next week, head over to GoodnessDirect, enjoy your weekend and I will check in very soon.

Thank you again for all your support it simply means the world.!!

Love and Peace. xo

Remember our hero's today and their brave commitment to fight for peace, the men and women themselves, their tasks and achievements will never be forgotten!


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