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Final Hours. Cookie Dough Balls. Reflect The Amazing Memories That Made All This Happen.

Hello beautiful souls,

I am super, super excited the final touches for tomorrow are in full flow!

Here is my webpage on Shield Crest where come tomorrow morning you can purchase 'United Tastes Of America' for yourselves!!

I baked my fave dessert/snack recipe this morning in celebration- my cookie dough balls. They are INSANE so so good. Just like cookie batter! If you are unsure about purchasing the book, REALLY do just for this recipe if nothing else. And with Thanksgiving a week today, it is the perfect time to purchase the book and throw your own American Themed Thanksgiving!

Follow the link and check it out!


Check out my fave video's of my experiences and journey that have inspired this book. The best experience with the best person who I am so lucky and grateful to have as my best friend. Thank you for all the fun Matthew and the AMAZING memories. Hey all the craziness even created a book ;).

The press release will also be going out and up on Shield Crest's website tomorrow and the description will be found on Amazon.

You will be able to purchase my book from Shield Crest, Amazon (world wide for followers outside the U.K.), Waterstones & WHSmiths.

Really can not wait - all the hard work has finally come together. This book is truly close to my heart, everyone who knows me knows I love America and with my food allergies it did test my love for the country and that is exactly what my fight is all about. I don't want the allergies and intolerances to affect my life and cause me misery. I don't want that for any suffers ! That's why I have made it my passion and life to conquer this. To still have the life I want and enjoy as well as be able to enjoy the food I eat.

Travelling is such a tough mission with allergies but I hope this book gives you some help and advise that will help you with any trip. Not just travels to America.

My Route 66 trip was one of my fave trips I have ever taken on and I had the best travel partner Matthew my best friend who the book I have dedicated too. We took on the most amazing experiences and he had to deal with all the food issues and restaurant problems throughout the trip and I am grateful for his support and patience.

The best guy, and we had the most amazing trip. Despite the illnesses and hurdles we stumbled across.

I hope to raise awareness for restaurants to pick up on and want to improve their schemes on food allergies and ensure all staff are educated on food allergens, cross contamination and intolerances. I also hope other businesses and people from other countries take a read and address issues around food allergy awareness in their own countries. Knowledge is power and I want to spread the word as much as possible. Then one day travelling, eating out and grocery shopping will once again be a breeze! No more fearful anxiety stopping you from fully enjoying the above because you don't want to feel unwell.

The fight goes on, this is just the start.

I am looking forward to the projects in the future.

Be the first person to purchase your copy! Email me a picture of your receipt or comment on social media or on here and enter the giveaway. I will be giving away a free goodies hamper.

I can't wait to celebrate with my nearest and dearest tomorrow night!

If you are around and free come and join us at the Thithe Barn Garstang at 8.30pm tomorrow evening don't hesitate to nip for a drink I would love to see all your beautiful faces.

Thank you for all the support I have had over the past few months, since I started my blog and putting my book together.

All the support inspires and motivates me everyday! Thank you so much!! Especially the warming comments I have had just recently, amazing! Thank you SO much.

Love you all!

Get excited and let's get ready to cook Americano style!

Congrats to Zoella on the release of Girl Online - Flying Solo today, I wish you all the success you deserve it.

Love and please xo

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