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United Tastes of America: It Would Win Any Election! - New Book of Plant-Based, American ‘Classic’ Recipes

Inspired by an unforgettable journey along Route 66, Sophie Ward’s ‘United Tastes of America’ takes many of the USA’s most loved, classic dishes, and serves them back up with plant-based, allergy-free ingredients. But it’s so much more than a recipe book, also sharing sage advice on how those with food intolerances can enjoy travelling and the boundless culinary opportunities it affords.


United Kingdom – It’s time to put stereotypes aside for a minute. Yes, the United States has found reluctant fame around the world for its sugar and dairy-crammed desserts, wheat-rich goodies and just about anything else that can be deep-fried and slapped onto a plate – but it’s also the culinary land of opportunity.

During a once-in-a-lifetime drive along Route 66, Sophie Ward was heavily restricted by her wheat, gluten, egg, yeast and dairy allergies. But following the USA’s culture of the “American Dream”, she has since recreated many classic dishes using allergy-free, plant-based alternatives.

It’s time to crack open ‘United Tastes of America’; a book that even Donald Trump would likely agree with!

Over 30 American Classic recipes re-created following a plant-based diet/lifestyle excluding wheat, gluten, egg, dairy and yeast. The author's inspiration came from what she saw and ate whilst travelling on Route 66 and her dishes are just a base for you to cook up your own amazing creations and variations on this type of cuisine. She has created these recipes to enable others like herself to enjoy the traditional favourites of America. These recipes are adaptable to any diet! You can use different ingredients and still create amazing dishes. She also offers additional advice on eating out, what kind of hurdles you may come up against when travelling in the hope that once again you can fall in love with food and nourish your bodies in the best way. Let's get cooking!

“We had an amazing trip to the States and I wanted to create a memento of it, while also creating a resource for the millions out there living with restrictive food allergies,” explains Ward. “I want people to be able to recreate classic American dishes in a way that won’t clash with their intolerances, while building up more confidence to be able to enjoy food in restaurants and while travelling. It all starts with this book.”

Continuing, “If you have a food allergy, it shouldn’t stop you from having a lifetime’s worth of fun while on the road, wherever you are in the world. I hope this book forms the basis of a new culinary awakening for people everywhere. There’s a universe of food out there, so challenge yourself!”

With the volume’s demand expected to increase, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.

‘United Tastes of America’, from ShieldCrest Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/2f1GW3a.

ISBN: 978-1-911090-47-2

Retail price: £19.50

Visit the publisher’s official website, here: http://bit.ly/2fTI4U0.

About the Author:

Sophie Ward suffers from wheat, gluten, egg, yeast and dairy allergies. Having been told to cut out more and more foods including a lot of her favourites, she took it upon herself to do her own research. Combining her love of food and travel, she has written this book to help other people suffering from the same ailments.

Hi Everyone - Happy Monday.

Firstly - Thank you everyone for all the support, especially this weekend from family, friends and followers. I have recieved beautiful cards, gorgeous flowers and inspiring comments which I am so overwhelmed by and truly grateful for, thank you.

Please head on over to my webpage - link right here below and purchase your book today it is the perfect book to give a loved one you know who suffers from allergies or simply someone beginning the journey of becoming more involved in the plant-based lifestyle.

Grab yourselves a deal TODAY!!

Not only do you get United Tastes of America at a cheaper price, Amazon is currently out of stock of my book!! Which of course is amazing news! You can pre-order and you are able to select the gift wrap option if you are buying as a gift, however due to the festive session you may have a while to wait.

So I definitely recommend purchasing via my webpage, and making the most of the deal.

With a weekend jam packed I am fully exhausted today. Lack of sleep and the buzz of excitement can be draining, however time doesn't stop and due to not keeping on top of emails, blogs and that side of things over the weekend it has been quite a day getting myself straight. Youtube videos for one take 4 hours to upload and that is before editing time. So please bare with me!

I have created a mash up video on the weekend with a bit of everything that made it such a great weekend.

Matthew and I did do a taste test however like I stated last week due to equipment and technology we had many issues throughout creating the full finished product - we were using the Iphone which we can't connect to the tripod so always falls down and my laptop is getting on too much and doesn't have editing apps on it. So video's are hard to produce.

Never to be defeated however I have tried to edit and add clips of the test taste to the video to give you a little idea of what we snacked on and tested. I will put what we did eat below and what we thought of them, to help you! I also wrote about them in the description of the video so that people didn't miss all the information we wanted to get across to you through trialling the products. I will over this week work on the main video we did produce but please be patient.

So Matthew and I tried more snack foods that are good for the festive season: * YO YO's Fruit Loops; as everyone knows - Matthew's favourite product is their shoe lace and we love the fruit loops having tried: mango, pineapple and raspberry I was excited to try the apple flavour. However we were let down, the texture wasn't as fresh and juicy as the other flavours and the flavour itself wasn't rich enough. We both scored the apple YO YO loops a 5/10.

* Fabulous FreeFrom Freedoms; after loving their fudge and chocolate raisins last week I was eager to try their raspberry sweet treats which I purchased through Morrisons. (They have a fab Free From range as a supermarket, thumbs up to Morrisons.) Matthew and I both didn't like this product. They were too sweet and sugary. They lacked flavour, all you got was sugar no raspberry so we both said we wouldn't purchase these again and scored them a 4/10.

* Plamils Chocolate Banana chocolate bar and their Rum and Raisin chocolate bar; The banana tasted like those foam banana sweets you get in your pick and mix bags, and although quite tasty and the banana definitely having a presence it didn't work with the chocolate. I definitely recommend you try it if you like bananas and the banana foam sweets, it may feed your sweet cravings but for us we scored it a 6.5/10 just because we didn't think it really worked together taste wise. The rum and raisin on the other hand was lovely, I would love a little more kick off the rum but Matthew found the flavours just enough and not too overpowering so this product got an 8/10.

* Booja Booja chocolate truffles - Salted caramel and almonds & Hazelnut crunch; Matthew hated these, the dark chocolate on the outside was too much for him. I wasn't too keen on the outside but the feelings were tasty. I prefered the Hazelnut over the Salted caramel, I wouldn't purchase the salted caramel one again. Though as an after dinner truffle when everyone is eating their chocolate truffles alongside their coffee I think it is a good option for allergy suffers. You can purchase them through Goodness Direct ( I will post the link below ) and you can get them in pack of two, so just perfect to finish off that Christmas dinner to make you feel more a part of the celebrations and help you feel more included without having to buy a box of 30 of them! So the salted caramel gets a 4/10 and the hazelnut a 6/10.

* Lazy Days ; This company has surprised me and impressed me. This was the first time testing their products we tested the ginger tiffin and the rock roads. The rocky roads weren't really like rocky roads, they had to many marshmallows and no crunch in them. However this will be because none of their products contain nuts! So for people with nut allergies too HERE IS YOUR CHOCOLATE INDULGENCES! They seem to have quite a big range too with chocolate brownies and of course the tiffin so if you do have nut allergies here are your guilty pleasure. You get 5 squares in a pack, so you can create them into a quick and easy dessert by having 2 or 3 with dairy free ice cream or just snack on them as they are. So the rocky roads get a 6/10. The Ginger Tiffin - oh my gosh, heaven!! Everyone know I LOVE ginger and the ginger taste was SO fresh and not artifical tasting at all. Lazy Days use stem ginger in this product and it really does work, the flavours are amazing and the texture is gooey and really indulegent! LOVE the tiffin, Matthew also loved it and scored them a 9, however it has to be a 10/10 from me. Again these can be purchased through Goodness Direct and you get 5 in a box!! PLEASSSSSSSSE if you love ginger, try the tiffin!!

And that completed our taste test - please check out the video below and check out Goodness Direct! They are such an amazing store catering for allergies through food products, home products, skin and hair care at competitive rates, they offer so much.

I ate a Pizza Hut over the weekend and was so pleased to see them be so positive and catering more for people with specialised diets and who are vegan, which is AMAZING news because the bigger chains can sometime be reluctant to change their ways due to being tied to certain suppliers and making lots of money. So I will talk more about that with you tomorrow and let you know the specialised diet options you can pick.

Enjoy the video! Thank you for all your love and support I have been truly overwhelmed with all the kindness and support that you have all shown me. Truly grateful and blessed. Excited for the future, with lots in the pipeline! Can't wait!

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