• Sophie Ward

Hitting America.

Hi everyone.

This blog was written yesterday as I wanted to tell family and friends this news before posting the blog ! 

The weekend has kicked off with faboulous news. 

Getting an email at 10am from Shield Crest with an email contact and questions from Sharon Palmer an author herself, who has a series of plant-based books, she has a massive following, an amazing blog & is a public speaker for the plant-based diet in America. She is also a trained nutrionist and she loves my book and was wanting to know more about my travels, the Route 66 trip, my allergies and asking ME for my recipes! 

I was taken aback and so buzzed by this!

She also posted an amazing blog post on the UK leading the way for promoting the plant-based lifestyle and reducing meat in people's diet. 

I am just overwhelmed and delighted that Sharon being such a successful business woman as she is, is enjoying my story, experiences and recipes. 

I am just so pleased that we are hitting America and they are willing to engage, make changes and try and help fight this growing issue of food allergies. As even though Sharon doesn't suffer allergies herself she wanted to know more, how I coped, where I ate and how I was treated. 

As I always say knowledge is power and it's great people are willing to broaden their own horizons. 

Let's hope we can keep on spreading the message! So travelling can become easier, eating out will become easier, food shopping would be a lot simpler and we will help more people!! Which is the main goal. 

Keep on enjoying your weekend and roll with the good vibes !!

Love and peace xoxo


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