• Sophie Ward

Ebook Released. Kindle Version Is Now Available. 1 Book Left On Amazon

Hi guys!

What a crazy day! More blogs to come, but how amazing are Shield Crest!

My Ebook and Kindle versions are now available to purchase! 5 days earlier than expected.

£7.50 from Amazon!

Amazon currently only have 1 paperback book left in stock, there are more on the way! As you can see Shield Crest are working extremely hard to keep up with demands. However get in there quick if you want a copy before Christmas.

You can also purchase from WHSmiths & Waterstones, and still take advantage of my promotional deal on my webpage - Sophie's Webpage

        Get in there quickly!

I will try and get my other blog posts up with the run down of the weekend, plus my video as soon as possible! 

Editing and writing has taken me all day today!! 

It has been a little crazy but that is Monday for you!

I hope you enjoy this version of the book as much as the paperback. Remember if you make any of the recipes please #sophantastic and #unitedtastesofamerica so I can see your wonderful dishes!! 

Have a lovely day- love and peace xoxox


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