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Need More Recipes?

Wanting more inspiration for different recipes ?

Then check out my Sophantastic Allergy-Free Creations book on Amazon!

It showcases 50+ plant-based recipes.

You can expect to find:



Mushroom Stroganoff,


Risottos and much more.

Well worth a read, with some great recipes for the run up to Xmas and over the Xmas holiday itself.

Selling on Amazon as a paperback and in kindle! So check it out! :)

Sophantastic Allergy-Free Creations & United Tastes Of America are both amazing books and a really lovely present for someone suffering from allergies or for someone who is simply wanting to eat better & healthier.

If you struggle with diabetes, heart disease, eczema then this diet will really help your illnesses. You will feel better and have less outbreaks. Many have said they have healed their diabetes etc through eating a plant-based diet.

As you have seen in my Instagram posts and my previous posts that there are so many options food wise! A lot of people worry about eating this way thinking that it's all lettuce and tomatoes.

It's far from it! Don't get me wrong we do eat a lot of fruit and veggies, but don't let the 'plant-based' title make you judge the diet as a rabbit's diet. We have so many amazing foods all around us and the dishes you can create and recreate are endless. I am always seeking out new recipes and products.

Cheesecakes, pizzas, brownies, ice cream and much more. Thanks to companies coming on board we are provided with products to help us create dishes that are like the faves we had to give up.

If you can't cook, then the recipes I do create are easy. Anyone can do them and you can easily change and adapt them around you and your needs.

There are also so many amazing products around that allow you to be lazy and not have to cook.

So give it a go and check it out. What do you have to lose?!

And you may unlock and trigger amazing health benefits for yourself.

Enjoy your day - do lots of fresh cooking and create some amazing dishes yourselves.

Love and peace. Xoxo

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