• Sophie Ward

Sophantastic's Xmas Day 2 - Cauliflower Cheese. Onion Gravy Option. Sold Out Across The UK.

So we all used to love cauliflower cheese, but you think you can't have it anymore?

I have a solution! 

Using Free & Easy cheese sauce - available at Holland and Barrett and Morrisons you can re-create this popular side dish and add it to your roastie on Xmas day. 

- Boil your veggies, you can also include broccoli into this recipe or use broccoli itself it also works really well. 

- Drain your veggies and add to an oven proof dish. Pre-heat your oven to 180 degree C. 

- Boil your kettle and follow the instructions on the back of Free and Easy to achieve the constituency of cheese sauce you want - thick or thin.

- Pour your sauce over your veggies and add to the oven. Bake for 10-12minutes.

-Remove and serve!


Extras; Free and Easy also have an onion gravy that is free-from in their line. This is also a great product to add to your Xmas dinner if you are more of a gravy person than a cheesy one.

It is has the same principle as the cheese sauce in the sense you simply add water to the powder and add as much as you wish to create the consistency you like. 

These products are very much like the 'real' products, so if you are worried about making so many different dishes to accomadate everyone I would suggest that you test these products out in the next week on fam and friends. See if they see the difference and if they like what you serve. If they enjoy the food you have cooked up then I would suggest serving everyone with allergy-free dishes on the day. This will remove a lot of stress, make cooking easier and open the eyes of our fam and friends to these alternatives. 

We are very lucky to have more and more companies creating products so similar to products we used to enjoy but allergy-free. Let's hope this continues to help make our life easier as well as continuing to spread awareness. 

Try this recipes and products and let me know what you think! 

Have a lovely weekend,

Only a week until Christmas Eve - how crazy!

Anything you are worried about or need advice on - please, please reach out and I'll help you as much as I can.

To be sold out across the whole of the UK in paperback though is such an achievement in itself and I thank you all for getting in there so quick and purchasing your copies which I hope you are all now enjoying!! You are making Shield Crest work very hard! They are doing the best they can and I have asked them this morning when Amazon and outlets will be restocked so then I can update you all. I am super thankful for them working so hard and getting my Ebook up 4 weeks earlier than expected. Thank you Shield Crest!! So as you can see there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes. 

I will update you when outlets are restocked! However you can still purchase straight from my webpage - http://www.shieldcrest.co.uk/sophie-ward.html

So check that out and of course the Ebook version is available on Amazon kindle, Google Play and Kobo. 

Need to do some allergy free Xmas shopping? Head on over to Goodness Direct! An AMAZING online store with loads of good allergy-free goodies - selection boxes, gift box chocolates, marshmallows, dairy free cheeses for those cheese and biscuit desserts, desserts, tofu, cookies, ice cream that's dairy free and soooo much more. Make your Xmas fun like it should be and stress free!!! 

That's the key! 

Goodness Direct

Love and peace xoxo


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