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Sophantastic's Christmas Day 8. Final Day. Special Recipe. United Tastes Of America Climbing Up

Today is the final day of Sophantastic's Christmas, as tomorrow rolls on Christmas Eve and I believe this is the beginning on family time for all. Hopefully you will all be kitted out by then and be able to begin enjoy an odd tipple, festive foods, friends and fam.

I hope you have enjoyed / found it helpful my recipes and product advice I have provided for you in the last week.

To finish with a bang I just had to use a recipe from my book United Tastes Of America.

These cookies are Matthew's fave flavour from Subway, and we had many lunches at subway throughout our trip. However with the white chocolate and cranberry flavours it is very fitting for Christmas!

This is a perfect activity to include all the family in creating and also can be the cookies you keep out for Santa Claus! 🎅🏼 

I know I will be leaving these cookies, a cup of almond milk and a carrot 🥕 out for Santa and his reindeers tomorrow evening. As we don't know if Santa suffers from allergies himself! 

These can be served to children with a cup of almond milk as a snack or a dessert too. 

So here we go;

- 1 handful of cranberries 

- 1 handful of white chocolate ( dairy, wheat and gluten free ) I used Plamil

- 1 cup of oats - free from

- 1 Tbsp of coconut oil or soy spread. 

- 1 Tbsp of water 

- 3 tsp of plant sugar

- Tbsp of maple syrup 

- Add all your ingredients to a mixing bowl.

- Pre-heat your oven to 160 degrees C. 

- Mix all your ingredients in your bowl together until you get your dough cosistency we are looking for.

-Then grab a table spoon and spoon the mixture out rolling the dough into bowls and pressing down onto a baking sheet. 

-You will achieve 3 or 4 cookies depending on size out of the recipe. 

-Once all rolled out add to your oven and bake for 12-15 minutes.

-Remove, allow to fully cool and then simply enjoy them or add the to a resealable container which will allow you to save them for santa or treats for your for us to 4-5 days! 


Now at the top of Amazon's list when United Tastes Of America is searched makes me very happy. Thank you so much for the support. Exciting. Thank you! Still want a copy?! Be quick, low stock yet again!!

I wish you all a very merry Christmas. Let me know what you are all eating and enjoying for your Christmas dinners and snacks! 

And remember the real reason we have Christmas to enjoy, be grateful and appreciate our nearest and dearest, sharing happy moments that become cherished memories. 


Lots of love.

Love and peace xoxo 


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