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New Year, New Vibes. Christmas Run Down. YouTube Vid's.

Hiya everyone,

Firstly thank you for the 2,000 site views. You don't understand how grateful I am for all the love and support. Let's keep spreading the word.

Secondly - I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! Enjoying lots of jolly, yummy foods and amazing company. What did everyone's xmas plate consist of? I enjoyed Tofu scramble ( I know its not traditional, but it is my favourite way to eat tofu ), broccoli, cauliflower and sprouts boiled then roasted in dairy free cheese sauce by Free & Easy, homemade cranberry sauce - see the recipe in my other blogs, Mama's homemade apple sauce ( super yummy ), spicy sweet potato mash, recipe also in my blog and parsnips ( MY FAVE ) with carrots boiled then roasted in maple syrup. I was SO full after eating this dinner, but gosh was it yummy. It wasn't a traditional roast however I enjoyed this plate far more than I have Christmas dinners in the past. I used to love my onion and sage stuffing but I didn't really miss it this year ( which totally surprised me.) I was satisfied with the food I had in front of me. I didn't feel like I was missing out at all.

And despite all the stress of prepping the food I am definitely going to make sure I do the same next year - this is my Christmas plate with the Sophantastic touch.

Then BeFree - life savers, their wraps made it easy and simple for me to use as a wrap filled with salad and beetroot and a pizza base for our 'buffet' meals as of course I can't have the bread buns. I didn't want to cause chaos in the kitchen on the night too by trying to prep rice etc. I want to chill and enjoy xmas too - I didn't want to be in the kitchen all the time. So my wraps were perfect! Also a shout out must go to Popchips for being my salt and vinegar crisp fix this year! They are baked potato based crisp, coated with RICE flour not wheat flour and contain less oil. Watch out though some of the flavours mean that the crisps are also coated in milk powder and of course other brands of crisps are normally coated with wheat flour and fried in cheap oils that of course contain the most additives and could very well cause reactions - so PLEASE check the labels. A fab brand though and always go down with everyone who comes here and has them as a snack!! They end up buying this brand over you normal. So there you go.

And Lazy Days ginger tiffin, Boohja Boohja truffles and Sainsbury's Free From gingerbread snowman is what I enjoyed as my buffet desserts. They were just enough and fitting with the season. Now we are going to be ringing in 2017 in only a few hours I have prepped all my snacks ready. It will be interesting to see the response I get from them. I have set up a bit of a 'pick and mix' vibe, in the sense people can grab a bag and add the snacks they want and carry them around my house without causing to much mess but it also creates that the 'movie' night, 'treat' night vibe and I like that. We have crisps, loads of nuts, sweets, ginger tiffin ( of course ), popcorn and corn chips. So movie type food. All allergy free - will people be able to tell? We will see. I put together a box full of my fave products from Goodness Direct & Holland and Barrett for my friend Jacob who struggles with dairy allergies and is vegan. He is really loving all the products I packed in. I did a mix - I had to get him to try Free and Easy's cheese sauce as it amazing, we had Cuba Libre chocolates, Plamil's chocolate, Boohja Boohja truffles, Yo Yo fruit loops, PB2 powder ( of course the peanut powder !! That is life, you don't have to worry about oils from the butter's effecting you and you can add to hot drinks, make sauces, add to smoothies and top dishes with. Great product.),Bioglan's Supergreens with 81 nutrients, Nak'd bars, almond and coconut butter and much more. He is really, really enjoying the Cuba Libre chocolate, the Supergreens and the almond butter. Jacob is yet to try everything else. Though I think I have managed to open his eyes a little bit to more amazing products. He did worry he would miss normal chocolates and dairy based goodies this Christmas, and worried this would affect his mood, leading him to have these products and end up ill due to feeling like he was missing out. However yesterday he told me how he didn't miss any of it - he had enough alternatives to feed his cravings! His nut roast and meat free, dairy free roast also went down a storm with his fam. His Dad is now trying a dairy-free diet for 30 days and cutting down his meat and his grandma loved the dish Jacob rustled up and wants to go dairy-free. That is fab!! For Jacob this made the day a lot easier with the positive reactions by family members who in the past have questioned his diet and lifestyle choice. I am so proud of him and he is feeling good in himself too, which is amazing to see.

I was truly blessed with a beautiful Christmas - I did really enjoy my day. I enjoyed the food SO much, even though I was bursting!! So full. I loved giving my family the treats they deserved and enjoyed amazing company. What more does a girl want from a day? Thank you to all my family for working with me over the xmas chaos and giving up your kitchens so I could prep my foods. LOVE YOU. Check out my Xmas video's on YouTube - like, comment and subscribe and anything you wish to see let me know!!

And bring in the NEW YEAR in style tonight.

Thank you for all the love and support throughout 2016 - lets keep spreading the word into 2017! With only 5 left in stock again on Amazon, get purchasing yours today ready for the NEW YEAR.

Wishing you love and happiness for the coming year, love and peace. xoxo

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