• Sophie Ward.

Chocolate Cravings -Booja Booja Taste Test.

Here is my taste test YouTube video, tasting Booja Booja's new truffle box. There are a few of the flavours I have tried before - almond & caramel, hazelnut but there were lots I hadn't tried and tested before - champagne, espresso, rum & stemmed ginger so I was eager to get stuck in ( who doesn't want to try chocolates - what an ideal Saturday task. )

This truffle box I received as a birthday present off Matthew's Mum - Judith, thank you so much. So they are a lovely gift or a perfect selection to take to a friends dinner to enjoy as your 'after dinner' chocolates with your coffee so that you don't miss out on that little pleasure.

I know that Booths sell Booja Booja gift boxes but you can also purchase these from GOODNESSDIRECT.COM - I will place the link below. They have truffles in smaller packs ( packs of two ) so perfect for testing and trying and their have more 'selection' boxes in the specific flavours. So if you have a favourite you can purchase a full box - HEAVEN!

Check them out for yourselves and let me know what you think!

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Love and peace xoxo


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