• Sophie Ward.

Hot Air Balloon Fun. He Shot A Gun!

Albuqurque !

I don't believe in guns so I let Matthew take on this experience on his own! It is so disturbing how easy it is for literally any human being above just EIGHT years old to go down to a shooting range and shoot a gun! It is so in-expensive as well which is frightening! It reminds me of literally just deciding to go bowling for a day out - scary.

The hot air balloon museum in Albuquerque was so much fun though - so much to see here. We spent hours just wandering around. Full of history and fun facts. Matthew got into it! They hold competitions every October that look amazing, so if you are around in October especially definitely go!! I know at the time Matthew wished it had been October to see a crowd of balloons set off, all different and custom designed. Sounds brill.

So I hope you enjoy today's Route 66 video!

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