• Sophie Ward.

L.A Plane Ride & Reaching Santa Monica - 2448 miles completed. Route 66 Take Down!

This is the last video in my mini series of American videos from Route 66 on the run up to my book signing. I hope you have all enjoyed them and I hope they have inspired you to take on or atleast consider doing Route 66! It's AMAZING and should be on everyone's bucket list.

We had an awesome time in L.A sharing the experience of the plane ride over the Hollywood sign🛩, walking down the walk of fame, seeing Celeb houses, seeing famous movie spots and of course reaching Santa Monica pier where we completed our 'tour' - Route 66 by eating in Bubba Gumps siting so near to where Forrest Gump was filmed,

Where he is running and stops at the end of the pier. Simply amazing and memories, experiences we can never forget!!! 🎉🛣🚘🗺

We had the besssssst experience and was of course my inspiration for my book - United Tastes Of America.

So please come along at 4pm to Acresfield Health Club and Spa and see me😀!

Can't wait to see you all.

Love and peace. Xoxo


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