• Sophie Ward.

Food Addiction & Obsession - It Exists.

I have watched a documentary in the last few days about food addiction, after seeing an article and I think its very eye opening.

Many people say 'I am addicted' to whatever food - example CHOCOLATE being a classic. We would usually brush this off as a joke and laugh at it but actually there may be some science behind it all.

We unfortunately live in a world where most of our foods are heavy processed and filled with toxins. However, most of the time we tell ourselves that these chemicals have to be a part of our foods to keep the shelf life and keep them fresh. A lot of time although that fact is a factor it is not the main reason we have so much added to our foods.

There are articles propping up everywhere at the moment about food manufactures really using our weaknesses to their advantages and our habits to gain more control over our eating habits.

How, you may ask?

Well for example I have never been the biggest face of soups and I am very open about this, because I enjoy eating, I want to chew and eat my food not drink it.

This article basically expressed how now in labs they are actually testing the link of us chewing our food with satisfaction. How our brains especially are reacting. It seems certain levels of crunches, chewing levels and noises can all cause different satisfaction levels in our brain and now manufactures are creating products that will work to these pleasures and happiness the brain receives. Leading us to want more and more to regain that happiness.

You are probably all racking your brains now at your favourite snack and thinking why do you love it so much? Is it the crunch? Is it the flavour? Is it the chewiness?

Makes you wonder, doesn't it.

We are being tricked - McDonald's being the leader in this field but many other chain brands are now following suite after noticing the successes. But if you notice McDonalds purposely created all their restaurants, drive through's and outlets look and feel the same. The same furniture, the same posters, the same décor and even down to the same type of layout. This is so every time you visit you feel at home, meaning you will always order the same and keep returning. This prevents you from maybe eating the deal of the week, spending less money or despite maybe not being as hungry as normal because you ALWAYS have a cheese burger and fries, you will purchase a cheese burger and fries - without even giving it a thought. They clocked onto this by watching the way we ate foods in our own homes: stocking the fridge the exact same way, everything having its place, 6pm dinner time, 3pm a yoghurt and cup of tea break, the table being set out a certain. We are mammals of habit, routine and familiarity. COME ON - admit it you all have these kind of habits you do everyday, a lot of the time without thinking! Which for businesses is the jackpot.

The food industry are also known to fill their foods with E numbers that are addictive to our brain, so if you have ever had maybe a week of eating McDonald's chips what do you keep craving? What food is on your brain? I can guarantee you are thinking about McDonald's chips. When you go food shopping 90% of your trolley will be filled with your 'trusty' favourites! There you go!

Alex my brother is the worst, he LOVES dominoes and now because they do deals on Tuesday - almost every Tuesday he will have a Dominoes Pizza ( ROUTINE, HABIT, CRAVINGS, ADDICTION).

Routine: happens every Tuesday night.

Habit: A Tuesday must.

Cravings: He thinks about it all day if not all week.

Addiction: Nothing would satisfy his cravings in the same way on a Tuesday if he didn't eat that pizza.

There are many more examples of things we all do, I bet you can think up quite a few.

Wherever we go, whatever we do and whatever we fill our plates with these days all seems manufactured to trick us. So that companies can make more money at our expense and now unfortunately a lot of us are being effected badly through disease ( heart/diabetes), food allergies & intolerances, gut issues, skin issues - the list goes on.

Just like in Politics when Politian's us the DRIP, DRIP, DRIP effect - where they will repeat a topic or issue they want you to believe or support them on to the point where you actually do ( you can watch any speech by an MP and you will see what I mean) but now the same thing is happening in food using our weaknesses, habits and brain to make us consume more, spend more & ultimately become hooked.

I don't believe this is right or that such testing should be allowed to be carried out.

Especially when it is putting us at risk for their financial gain!

I myself is very guilty of being or what I have consider addicted to some products:

- I love Goody Good Stuff sweets and now can't have a cinema trip without a packet. ( They have me hooked and now I believe a cinema trip can't be a cinema trip without them. )

- I love KP's salt and vinegar peanuts! I love the strong vinegar taste! I now believe no peanuts match up to this flavour and none 'hit the spot' the same.

Just a couple of examples - however there are a lot more but we would be here all night.

I bet you , yourselves can think of lots of food habits, food obsessions and well addictions you have. Whether it is always buying the same peanut butter because it is crunchy, having the same cereal every morning, or ordering the same from the Chinese take-away every Friday night.

Just think about it all. It is all very interesting.

I love the food I eat at the moment and have been blessed with finding some great products and I am not going to stop taking my sweets to the cinema to break the habit or try something else because it is something I enjoy, it ( at this moment in time isn't unhealthy to me - its healthy ) and it isn't like its everyday.

However if you are a take-away lover, a ready meal fanatic with your frozen pizzas and pastas maybe just think about cooking from fresh, cut out the chemicals and see the taste difference, the difference in yourself ( does it lower cravings? Do you crave other types of food? Has your health improved?)

I am one person who strongly believes in being independent as a person but it seems as a society we are becoming more and more controlled in way we aren't yet fully wise to and I believe if we can make our own choices we need to and should do rather than following the crowd, being controlled by businesses for our money or Government for our votes. Especially when our lives and our quality are being affected so much by these issues day in day out.

So that twirl you laugh about being addicted too as not a lunch doesn't go by when you don't have one to complete your meal. Well it may actually be a fact that you are addicted and not just a joke.

The information here won't make me change my diet because I eat what I can around my intolerances, enjoy what I eat and for me it isn't causing me risks of diabetes or heart disease etc, however for some of you it may be an eye opener and may want you to try to break out of some of your usually habits. Make you realise that its not you going crazy for a product, so many of us are due the kind manufactures.

If anyone wants to reach out about any of their food habits, obsessions, or any knowledge they have about this topic - please, please reach out and let me know your thoughts.

Lots of love and peace. xoxo


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