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Our Voice. My Heart To Yours. Chronic Pain & Illness Awareness.

People with chronic pain and illness want everyone is their lives to know these important things about them..

We must spread awareness and allow ourselves to be more open about our struggles so people understand more and accommodate, you as the sufferer can accept your limitations more and be kinder to yourself, helping over-all stress & anxiety levels, and improve self-love. All part of my healing journey.

1. Don't be upset if I seem on edge. I do the best I can every day to be 'normal'. I'm exhausted and sometimes I snap.

2. I find it very hard to concentrate at times for a lot of reasons Pain, drugs, lack of sleep.. I am sorry if I lose focus.

3. Letting my loved ones and friends down by cancelling plans or not doing the original plan is heartbreaking to me. I want more than anything to be as active as you and do the things I used to do.

4. My health can change daily. Sometimes hourly. There re a lot of reasons this happens. Weather. stress, flare-ups... I can assure you that I hate it just as much as you do.

5. I don't like to whine. I don't like to complain. Sometimes I need to vent. When this happens, I'm not asking for pity or attention. I just want an ear to bend and a hand to hold.

6. During rough times. I find it hard to describe how bad it is. When I say i'm fine and you know I am know, it is ok to ask questions. Just be prepared if the flood gates open because 'I'm fine' is often code for 'I'm trying to hold on it together, but having a rough time. I am on edge.'

7. If I am hurting bad enough to tell you about it without being asked, please know that is is REALLY bad.

8. When you reach out to me with suggestions to help me feel better, I know that you mean well. If it was as simple as popping a pill, eating differently, or trying a new doctor, I've most likely already tried it and was disappointed.

9. All I truly want from you is friendship, love, support and understanding. That means the world to me, it is everything.

10. When someone gives me a pep talk, I understand the sentiment. Chronic illness doesn't just go away. I wish it did too! I appreciate you wanting the best for me, but save the pep talk.

11. It hurts worse than you could ever imagine when I am thought of as 'lazy, unreliable, or selfish.' Nothing further from the truth.

12. I do a lot of silly things to distract myself because any part of my life not consumed by pain is a good part.

13. The simplest tasks can completely drain me. Please know that I do the best I can everyday with what I have.

14. Come to me with any questions you may have about my condition. I love you and would much rather tell you about this issues face to face without judgement.

People are sometimes weary of being opening and expressing their true feelings.

They are right to be, we are all vulnerable and in today's society judgement is an automatic - well you could say skill, as we have trained ourselves to be more critical, stick our noise in other people's business, we are crazy on outer appearance and this allows us all to be open to damaging habits & illnesses like anxiety, over-thinking, depression and self-hatred.

I feel with something like chronic illness, the battle ground that is my everyday, I need to be more open about so that I can myself be more accepting of my limitations. I hide a lot of how I feel, how I suffer and the struggles I go through to tell myself I am normal, not have people judge me as weak or feel like I can't be the 23 year old I should be.

Me ignoring my pain is only damaging to me though. People see my smile and assume I am fine, fighting fit. I was more talkative today so much have slept better but I have had to drink lots of coffee just to function from yet another sleepless night. I can talk myself out of crying. I want to sit there and cry feeling rotten but I will tell you all the fun things I have planned or have done as a distraction from the pain and hurt I feel. This helps drive my desire to be ,'normal' and therefore push myself too much, mentally & physically - pushing me back in the long-run and adding to my pain.

I feel that by being open - it will help people understand and therefore realise when I am struggling that their words of 'calming down,' 'chilling out', 'taking a day off,' will help me actually follow what my body needs because I know that people aren't judging me for taking a step back. They see the pain and support my body's needs. They can see behind the smile and the mascara.

There are so many people suffering in silence and I want them to feel that they too have a voice and are not weak.

If anything we are stronger because we do get through our days & lives in great pain - we don't just drift and sail through.

I hope it helps me on my own journey of acceptance, being kinder to myself ( self-love) and therefore allowing me to blossom and grow so much more as a person.

Please if you suffer from chronic pain or/and chronic illness - REACH OUT.

Do you have a close, supportive group of friends?

Do you have any routines you follow to help you?

Do you struggle and always push through?

Any advice, or advice you would like/questions you have please please, hit me up!

You can email me directly: www.sophward024@gmail.com

Follow me on Insta: @sophiewardy or/and Twitter & Snapchat: @sophwardy

There are days you feel you are totally alone.


You definitely aren't there will always be a helping hand nearby and just remind yourselves of all the beautiful things your loved ones do for you daily to show you how much they care and love you. Whether it is thinking about a recent phone-call or a gorgeous gift they treated you with.

You are never alone.

Thank you for reading, understanding and taking the time to really think more about this issue that is close to my heart.

Let's spread the message and awareness.

Love and Peace


Here are some picture quotes to read and consider.

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