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Feb's Top Picks

With February coming to an end, it is time for me to review new products I have tried and products I have loved this month.

Check out my YouTube video and here is a quick run down.

1. Soy Protein Flour - Pulsin: I eat a lot of tofu for my protein and nuts but this flour being 90% protein is a really big help! It isn't the best flour for cooking and baking, as it is quite fine and due to not being able to eat eggs there is nothing to really thicken the flour. So I simply half the recipes and add in rice flour or coconut flour to solve this issue. It is all natural with no GM which is important and it is a VEGAN product off the new Holland and Barrett vegan selection.. It has no nasty taste either - YAY.

2. Edamame & Mung Bean Fettuccine: I have been looking edamame beans for AGES as I knew how high in protein they were. So finding this pasta was amazing to me and I had to try it! It is now my fave pasta. I never really like the rice & corn pastas that were what we had the selection of. So finding this has been amazing. I have also recently found the bean in the freezer aisle in Sainsbury's so that is fab as I am adding them to my risottos - yummy.

3. Coconut Flour by Groovy Food: This is amazing flour with SO much flavour. Again the flour is very fine so for more cakes, muffins and so on I recommend going half and half with rice flour.. This flour adds so much to your dishes and so much flavour. It is all natural and again high in protein and natural fats. Coconut is great for natural fats.

4. Nak'ds Flavoured Raisins: LOVE these and especially the lime flavour! They are so flavourful ! Dried fruit is great for iron, and fibre especially so they are a great on the go snack and I always add a bag to my cinema pick and mix! YUMMY! These are a MUST try!

5. Moroccan Spice Paste by Creative Cook: Packed with flavour and all natural just spices so great for all who suffer allergies as nothing in this paste will cause any upset. You only need a little bit to really liven up a dish! It is brill. Add to pasta sauces, rice dishes and even create salad dressings with it.

Roll on March and lots of exciting new foods and products there. It will be a busy month!

Let me know if you have tried any of these products above or if you have any you want me to try or have tired and loved!!


Best wishes and happiness for March.

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