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My friend Amy Carter sent me an article on anxiety and the '9-5' job causing more anxiety, unhappiness and sadness than success, fulfilment and happiness yesterday. 

The article was interesting. It raised many correct issues & points, however there were many smoke-screens within it, leading it to be quite unbalanced.

Amy was right to see the positives within it and pass it on to me to help share the message here. 

Anxiety is a MASSIVE issue and for sufferers can be extremely isolating and lonely. 

I agree that the 9-5 job isn't for everyone and although when we are in school it is drummed into us that a secure job with a secure income is what everyone is 'expected' to do, it really isn't what some people are cut out for.

Does this make these type of invdivuals weak? NO. If we were all the same then what would the world be?

What works for one person won't work for someone else! This isn't just in the case of careers, but down to treatment, the food we eat, clothes on our bodies etc. This is why we need to stop comparing ourselves - as for many that causes a huge amount of stress. 

What I didn't agree with in the article was the lady blaming her anxiety as being the soul problem, that she could take 'Netflix' days when she needed, and go with the flow.

People with anxiety will know that, that the above is actually what you 'can't' do! You can't go with the flow, you don't allow yourself to chill because you are so stressed and bills still need to be paid therefore you would have to take on your own business or work from home and with this creates MORE work because you NEVER switch off! You do far more hours than your 9-5. So someone with anxiety should feel more comfortable in a set rountine, a set office, a set timetable. As it's the unknown and lack of structure that causes the anxiety! Myself and my friend Jacob know this SO well! I know full well I am always on it and rarely take a full day off and watch my Dad never switch off from the business.

This lady either doesn't understand anxiety and suffers in other ways or is using it as a smoke screen. 

Anxiety isn't an issue on its own. I don't feel someone can say I suffer with an anxiety disorder and so want a Netflix day! 

Anxiety is just a branch on the tree, not the roots!

It stems from a far more serious situtation. 

Whether is is depression, self-worth, bi polar, chronic pain, chronic illness, insomia or health complications. 

Anxiety is a reaction to situtations and issues not the issue itself. 

You can't 'go with the flow' with anxiety either, anxiety means you are on edge! If we could all simply snap out of it and go with the flow we wouldn't be suffering with anxiety now would we?

And it isn't an excuse to give up work or not have a drive.

Yes a career within the 9-5 hours may not suit you but expecting to sit at home and something turn up on your doorstep isn't the thought process to have.  

Having a drive and motivation to be the best people we can be is SO important. We shouldn't be focusing on simply surviving we should be living! 

Another thing that comes with anxiety - people who suffer with it simply panic because they want everything to go smoothly and make the most of situtations! No just sit there on their sofas flicking through Netflix.. they want the most out of everything. 

So I felt it was very much an excuse and smoke screen for her this lady not wanting to work and feel it is an excuse for not having a goal and ambitious mind. 

We all need drive and ambition. Never settle, we only get one shot at life.

Use positive mindful work to help control and improve your anxieties.

Whether this is;

-mindful colouring

-writing a journal, poems

-cooking, sewing,

-goal setting

-structure, routine,

-yoga & meditation 

Don't settle & accept - always fight on

Always want to better yourself and find what works for YOU.

We are all different and can't compare ourselves. 

Be big dreamers.

We can beat our anxieties - we are stronger than them.

How does anxiety affect you!? What symptoms do you get and what are your triggers?!

I know for me always my anxiety is triggered when I worry about failing, making mistakes, making the wrong decisions or something not going smoothly. 

Reach out and spread the word.

Big shout out and thanks to Amy Carter for helping spread the message and being on top of the issue too. 

Working together makes us stronger. 

Thank you for reading. 

Love and peace - S xoxo

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