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Helping Premier Inn.

Premier InnPremier Inn, a massive company who's brand is well known throughout the U.K.

So speaking to the manager yesterday with Mama about them wanting to broaden their horizons when it comes to the allergy-free market was amazing news. 

Premier Inn is the ideal company to have on board as they offer affordable accommodation, they are wide spread, their restaurants they are linked to cook typical English pub food so that caters for a wider range of people and they offer discounts and all this allows them to be more accessible to a wider audience, rather than a 5* star, expensive brand, who are often ignorant to the subjects such as allergies as they make so much money running everything the way they do and aren't willing to adapt and change, they just concentrate on their niche audience.

So knowing Premier Inn was hosting a conferences for all their managers to discuss their food range & menu to improve it and add more 'allergy-friendly' products was music to my Mum's and my own ears. As we both know the struggles we face when travelling! Going to the shows and conferences like we do we stay a lot of the time in Premier Inn's. So this was even more impressing & I was instantly dreaming about the stress relief them offering more would bring! 

We had a long conversation & we went through a lot of allergy-free products that are my faves but also SO adaptable that they could use across the board, dish ideas and ideas outside the box like Bioglan Powers that can really liven up a dish, packed with nutrients but NOBODY offers these to top their foods with. You can make smoothies, top fruit, add the salads, curries and more with them.

But for just health focused indiviuals this would go down a treat.

My Mum and I both stressed the issue of gluten free not being wheat free as well and that packets must be checked properly! To not mis-lead customers or end up having someone seriously ill. 

I suggested:

Free-from gluten free oats to add porridge to the menu, with soy milk, they could even make flapjacks with these.

Nut milks - Almond milk !! 

More nuts to top fruit etc with. 

Bioglan powders. 

Nak'd bars if people are grabbing and going ( businessmen ) always rushing they may want a snack of something quick if they can't spare the time to have a long breakfast. 

More fruit. 

Nak'd flavoured raisins! Again quick snacks. 

Then for ideas for lunch/dinner foods,

Dairy-free cheese sauce to make Mac & cheese.

Also to be used on Nacho's.

BeFree wraps for sandwiches, can be used as pizza bases. 

Risotto with soy milk.

Pastas - edamame bean pasta. 

Popchips ( no wheat & baked crisps not fried for people sentive to oils ). 

Free-from oats used to tops veggie bakes and make crumbles for dessert options.

Lazy Days - Tiffins, Ginger Tiffin and Rocky Roads for dessert options.


And more just to name some of what we worked through. 

If Premier Inn really invest in this side of the industry they could lead the way & really stand out from the crowd, attracting so many more customers! As we all know it's becoming more of an issue amoung our society. 

The above is just the beginning, there are so many over dishes they can create for you all. They are going to check out my books and really look into it now. Of course I don't expect them to make all the changes above or make all the dishes I have suggested but any little changes means a success because we are moving in the right direction. 

We all use hotels and so for someone who suffers badly with a number of allergens, booking a trip would be far less stressful knowing you have a hotel chain you can stay in comfort, get FOOD easily, tasty, yummy and affordable and how much easily would that make organising you trip and far more enjoyable without the stress!!

All this shows if you keep on fighting and never give up, the road may be long, there is never any short cuts or quick fixes, there will be bumps and tough times but eventually your strength and fight shine through and changes, results & procession is made.

So keep fighting your corner, spreading the word & fighting on my little warriors

I know many of my readers are from America & Oz, do you guys have any particular hotels and chains that are really working hard to provide a wider allergy-friendly range? 

I love to travel to America so any advice on that front I would be MOST grateful for. 

Have you stayed anywhere in England that you have been impressed with in regards to food options or any dishes you enjoy at home and would like to see prepared within hotels?

I also want to mention that if any of you are staying at a Premier Inn and are planning on eating in their restaurants the manager encouraged me to just ring a couple of days before tell them what you would like to eat and they will cater to you. So bare that in mind, again a big anxiety and stress reliever. 

Thank you Premier Inn and I am SO excited to see where you take this too and what we can look forward to eating!! 

Love and peace - S xoxo

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