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Live Well - Keep That Gut Of Yours Happy.

We all have tummy troubles from time to time, whether it is due to stress, our diets, travel, viruses/bugs, IBS or allergic reactions. 

Here are six quick foods & herbs to add to your diet during these times of discomfort to help keep your gut smiling and functioning correctly. 

1. Eat rocket for digestion.

Bitter foods like rocket, kale & watercress activate your taste buds which stimulate the production of digestive enzymes. The enzymes break down the foods and digest fats faster so they don't sit in the body and are used correctly. This will hopefully prevent that heavy 'food baby' feeling because everything is being broken down and kept moving in the gut. So add those leafy greens to your dishes and salads.

Don't like eating your greens? Add them to soups or sauces blended. 

2. Oats to banish bloating.

Insoluble fibre that can be found in wheat, beans, nuts & bran can be harsh on the gut, leading to discomfort ( stomach cramps ). Soluble fibre which is packed within oats are much gentler on the stomach. You can use oats as porridge, bake up some flapjacks, top veggie bakes, make into granola or apple crumbles. 

3. Eat Artichoke and feel less sluggish.

Artichokes are a great source of soluble fibre which have a prebiotic effect. They have natural plant-based fibres that 'feed' good bacteria. When gut bacteria is low, it leads to bloating & sluggish bowels. Eat artichoke in salads, roasted and they really work well in pasta dishes as well as risottos! They are an amazing source of protein too.

4. Ginger for a healthy gut.

Everyone knows I am a cheerleader for ginger! I love ginger! It is a fab digestive tonic and natural rememdy for indigestion and nausea. Ginger stimulates digestive juices, encouraging the food to keep moving through the gut. 

Add to stews, smooths, salad dressings, curries, teas, veggie juices and more. 

5. Apple cider vinegar for heartburn.

Another substance I use ALOT and love. Apple cider vinegar encourages growth of good bacteria in the gut. If stomach acid is low it can lead to heartburn, burping and nausea. Use Apple cider vinegar on your salads over other salad dressings & add to curries, risottos and pasta sauces. 

6. Munch on peppermint for IBS.

Peppermint soothes the gut, helping bloating, colic and flatulence. The easiest way to use peppermint is to drink peppermint tea, but you can also purchase tablets. 

I hope you can find your main stomach upset and find a food above that will help improve your symptoms. 

All the foods above are SO easy to add to your diets so there is no excuse. Stop reaching for the pain relief or the over the counter med's and use the amazing foods & herbs we are surrounded by to help heal any issues you are feeling. 

You don't need to follow a strictly plant based because you heal your indigestion with plants. It's all about you feeling your best all of the time and living the best life you can. 

Let me know if you use any of these foods?

If they work for you?

Have you any diet secrets you want to share?

Reach out!

Shout out to my Auntie for the helpful article on gut health that inspired this post. 

Digestive issues are a big, common and cause many people problems everyday so if we can find quick and easy ways to prevent these issues arrising then let's introduce them to our diets and daily lives. 

Love and peace - S xoxo

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