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Why People Give Up. Redirect Negatives Into Positives. Inner Fire Burns Too Bright.

A stressful, rollercoaster of a week has inspired this post.

There are days I really, really want to throw the towel in and give up.

Here I am- still fighting on!


My fire is too strong to simply blow out. 

This is how I am learning to deal with the reasons which may cause us to give up. 


When the going gets tough it's hard to find a reason to keep fighting. So many of us give up or think about giving up. 

Here are 16 reasons why people give up so you can steer clear of these and keep the strength to fight on:

1. They want faster results.

2. They stop believing in themselves.

3. They get stuck in the past. 

4. They dwell on mistakes.

5. Fear for the future.

6. Resist change.

7. Give up their power

8. Believe in their weaknesses.

9. Feel the world owes them something.

10. Fear failure more than desire success.

11. Never visiualize what is possible.

12. Feel they have something to lose.

13. Overwork

14. Assume their problems are unique.

15. See failure as a signal to turn back.

16. Feel sorry for themselves.

We all fall into the traps above, some may have caused us to give up something we were fighting / working towards. Whether it was a diet we were following, a skill or hobby or a medical issues.

We need to remind ourselves of the positives not the negative above.


Law of attraction!

Give out positive vibes and then you will attract positive steps forwards. 

So let's break this down;

1. You want faster results?

Don't we all.. 

but good things come to those who wait & there are no short cuts in life. The things that are worthwhile we have to fight hard for. Be patient. 

2. Lack of self-belief.

When you aren't seeing results it is so easy to blame yourself and lose hope in your strength. You need to focus on how hard you have fought so far and how long you have managed to hold on. That is a result in itself. The strength you have gained is what you must use as a strong source of hope and belief in yourself to keep fighting. 

3. Dwelling on the past.

Such an easy trap to fall into because you just want things to be how they were, feel how you felt, look how you did! But we have to remember to look forward. This hurdle has been put in our way to encourage us to gain strength and move forward. 

4. Dwell on mistakes.

We all hate making mistakes, but instead of seeing them as a bad thing, we need to see them as learning curbs and build from them. 

5. Fear the future.

We all want the best for ourselves and like myself a lot of us try to plan out our futures from what we expect from ourselves. We have to just go with the flow and allow fate to lead us where we are suppose to go. As long as we are enjoying ourselves that's all that matters.

6. Resist change.

Change is always scary, but adapting and exploring the new can also be fun too. Engage in change and feel excited by exploring new projects. Think of it as growing!

7. Give up their power.

When you have just had enough and you hand over your power to a family member or friend. You are no longer fighting your battle.. someone else is. Your family and friends are great supports but this is your fight. Your inner flame still burns bright, use the passion to battle on. 

8. Believe in their weaknesses.

Focus on your strengths! Everyone has weaknesses but not everyone has the amazing strengths you have. Focus on them and work with them.

9. Feel the world owes them something.

You are responsible for yourself, stop pointing the blame. Acceptance is a big one here, accept and move forward. 

10. Fear failure more than desire success.

Failure is heart breaking! But we have to tell ourselves they are a lesson to learn from and focus on moving forward, set goals to work towards and keep that motivation high to keep fighting for what you really want and achieve success. 

11. Never visiualise what is possible.

Never lose the desire to dream - dream, dream, dream. No matter how crazy, prove them wrong and achieve the goal. 

12. Feel they have something to lose.

Through our journeys we will always lose, fail and make mistakes ( that's life ) but if we don't take the risks then are you prepared to live in regret? And losing helps is learn and progress. It's part of progression. You only have one shot in life remember. 

13. Over-work.

We burn out, lose motivation and wonder why are we doing all this. Pace, enjoy and take more in. I am very much a bull in a China shop - all or nothing but I have to learn to pace, be more laid back and chilled. You enjoy things SO much more, are able to do more and get more out of the things you do, do. 

14. Assume your problems are unique.

This is why spreading the word and message is SO important. Because then people understand they aren't alone. So many of us sit there and worry in silence about our issues. Know it's ok and please reach out - as together we fight harder and we are stronger. You are never alone. You ever know - talking to someone may lead you to try a new treatment that could work wonders for you!! All it took was reaching out and being brave, speaking out. 

15. See failure as a signal to turn back.

Yes failure is heartbreaking! Yes take a day to mourn and be sad but don't let it be the reason you give up. Document all the things that worked and all the things that didn't within the failure and use them all as a lesson. Move forward with this lesson and see it as gaining another petal on your inner flower. 

16. Feel sorry for themselves.

A big no, no

I always want to keep going because I can't stand feeling like I have been lazy etc.

Some people just want to sit there though and expect the world, family & outside sources to help them and do all the work.

The research, the work, the treatment begins with you! You have to put the effort and time in! 

You are stronger than self-pity. We have to get up, get out of bed and get on with life. Carry on fighting. 

Some tips to consider:

-Think everyday about things you are grateful for and write them down. This can be silly things like having a peppermint tea instead of just a normal tea or it could be simply living!

-Make a bucket list - give yourself fun goals not all goals have to be career or more serious like own a house they can simply be going to the cinema on a Wednesday rather than a Saturday. Anything. Working & succeeding at the smaller goals helps drive you to tackle the bigger ones. 

-Mindfulness, whether it's colouring, eating, cooking, lose yourself and enjoy creating ( nobody can make that dish like you can. Nobody can paint like you can ) use your skills as strengths and enjoy your achievements within them. 

I hope displaying the points above for you all will help you realise that giving up isn't a option and how we can easily turn it around into a positive. 

Even the days when you feel the world is ending - remind yourself of the practice of gratitude, all your strengths, how far you have come and all your support you are surrounded by.

If you are struggling, wanting to give up or have practiced any of the above - please reach out and let me know.

We can help ourselves as well as other through spreading the word and having the strength to open up. 

Be brave..

Fight on little warriors ❤️ you are doing just fine. 

Love and peace always - S xoxo

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