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Anxious Souls

Anxiety, it affects so many of us on a daily basis. 

1 in 6 of us suffer from anxiety on a weekly basis. 

We can't simply vanish our worries, but understanding them, changing our environment and using our diet can help keep those anxious feels on the low down. 

Why do we suffer from anxiety?

We want and strive for perfection forgetting that perfection does not exist. Nothing never going exactly to plan, turn out how you imagined and we are always faced with changes & alterations. 

It's often the case that we are left having to quick changes - ultimately leading to anxiety.

I am very guilty of this! Trying to fill our lives up with activities and keeping ourselves busy. Although being busy is helpful a times to stop us from over thinking and depression it can also back-fire on us on the anxiety front because we don't leave room for changes because we don't schedule in the time for leg room. We run around chasing goals, pushing for better results, making more of our time, leading to one thing - burn out!!

We need to learn to go with the flow more which is extremely difficult for us perfectionists and if you are born under the star sign Capricorn one of your number one traits you are known for is being a perfectionist! Oh boy - even the stars are against us.

Fear not! Let's look at some steps below that could help us 

Understanding anxiety; 

Anxiety is crippling, trapping and often a scary wave of emotions. A lot of the time the feeling & symptoms are sudden and sometimes unexplained. 

Some symptoms to look out for; 

- headaches 

- shaking

- over thinking

- heart races 

- sweating 

- nausea 

- stomach upsets 

These being the main physical symtoms. When we begin suffering with the above, we opt to isolate ourselves andfear the events / situations that cause symtoms. Causing use to miss out on memories, events, pleasures, experiences and special moments. 

This shouldn't be the case. We all deserve to enjoy life to the fullest.

Popping endless pills, numbing ourselves with alcohol or feeling sorry for ourselves are not the medication options on the menu here. 


Set your room, your homes and surrounding to be a stress free zone. 

- Nice decor including pictures of memories and fun events

- Candles are really relaxing. Not only the scent but the flame 🔥 makes your mind think of warmth, relaxing you and making you feel cosy. 

- Scents like lavender can encourage sleep and scents such as jasmine, vanilla and spices can create a relaxed atmosphere. Scents are amazing, if you don't believe me think about when you are house hunting - you walk in and smell coffee, instantly you feel at home. You walk into the bakery and smell fresh bread, offftt you have your morning toast on your mind. So a calming scent sends messages to the brain to be calm. 

- To Do Lists don't jam pack your day, plan it out and ensure you have 'me' time scheduled in. 

-Ask for help and advice, sometimes a friend could take some of the burden off or offer their views on the issue that could help you towards a decision or put all into perspective. 

- Mind Map,  I love them. Write whatever is causing your anxiety down and say what is triggering your symptoms, along with pros and cons. 

-Light and bright surroundings, seeing the sun lifts everyone's mood. So ensure your homes are dark or gloomy. Let that light in and allow your home decor to have warmer shades within them. 


We all know how important diet is, we know this from how we feel from eating certain foods and all the media coverage diet gets. Not a day goes by where there isn't a new diet to try. 

Did you know?

Inflammation in your body's tissues can make anxiety worse. This does not only encourage chronic diseases such as cancer and heart diesease.

What caused this inflammation?

Foods which are highly processed & refrined such as;



-fried foods

-packed goods 

That contain hydrogenated fats that have chemicals within them that encourage bad bacteria to develop within your digestive tract. 

We all know we need a good balance of good & bad bacteria to help our immune systems stay healthy & functioning to the best they can. 

So let's pack in that good bacteria and regain that balance.

Eat lots of these:

-Green leafy veggies such as kale & spinach


-Berries ( blueberries, raspberries and blackberries)

-Nuts ( almonds and walnuts are the best ) 



-Coconut oil

Limit these:

-Fried foods: chips, crisps, and meats

-Foods containing hydrogenated fats: shop bought cakes, biscuits. 

-Refined sugars ( choose  plant substitutes- stevia or trivia, date or fruit syrups)

-Refined white grains - bread

-Processed meats such as bacon 

Not only do the foods directly above cause inflammation & bad bacteria but they also cause sugar highs & lows.

Causing further issues of dizziness, headaches, shakes and lack of concentration. Making us feel unwell and also unable to make a decision causing ultimately - anxiety. 

Try to keep your blood sugar levels in check, choosing fruits over sweets, nuts over biscuits, and rice over bread

Don't cut out all the above from your diets as we have stated before we need a balance of good and bad bacteria in our bodies. So don't go throwing out all your biscuits and not enjoying that bowl of fries. Balance - is the key. 

Tips for balancing your blood sugar:

-CHOOSE slow releasing carbs such as wholemeal bread & pastas, rice, quinoa and buckwheat. 

-EAT protein with your carbs, this encourages sugar absorbation within the body to be slowed. 

-ADD cinnamon. There is evidence it can steady blood glucose levels.

-ALWAYS snack on healthy foods, nuts, fruit, veg and hummus to stop you reaching for that chocolate bar or biscuit. 


-Mindful colouring, my life saver! I lose myself in mindful colouring and can't recommend it enough.

-Exercise, walking, yoga, running, swimming. Don't push yourself just work with your ability level. I used to love yoga, but due to health I was left enjoying short walks. Especially when the sun is out it does you the WORLD of good to top up on the vitamin D and clear you head taking in the sights, sounds and scenery from a short walk. 

-Binge watch a series, get lost and drawn into a series. Focus on the characters and enjoy!

-Crosswords and puzzles, focus your mind and challenge yourself. 

-Read, get lost in a good, exciting story.

-Watch a film, distract the mind. 

- Sewing, begin a new project. Create a cute, personal gift for a loved one. 

- Draw, create and get wrapped up creating a masterpiece.

- Write, whether it's journaling, blogging, poetry or creating your own short story. Writing is a form of theory for so many people. Me included, I can write and express myself far more with words on the page, rather than spoken.

- Call and catch up with a family member or friend. 

-Create a memory board or work on a photo album. This helps you take on the enjoyment of looking back over memories and creating something beautiful and keepsake. 

-Cooking, create a fresh exciting dish. This skill and hobby is very rewarding and fun. Whether it's baking a cake or creating a yummy dinner dish this is a perfect way to distract yourself as well as learn useful life skills.

Tiny Tips:

- Set yourself boundaries, ( I will stay for an hour, let's do the cinema something more chilled, go at a time that works for you so you aren't rushed etc) 

- Explain your worries and concerns so your friends and family understand your worries and can cater, help and ensure not to add to them. 

- Try to have and allow yourself to have a plan B. Incase situtations change and you are comfortable. 

- Enable yourself time - just because the meet up is an hour for example ensure you have allowed 3 hours in your day so you aren't rushing and can be a little flexible if events over-run or you wish to stay. 

If you suspect you have anxiety, and it is controlling your life please go and visit your GP. Take a diary of triggers, symptoms and patterns and they may be able to offer advice on possible medications to reduce attacks or thepary. If you can though try to heal yourself naturally using the above advice. See if you feel any improvements.

Remember knowledge is power and if you can heal yourself personally it will be SO much more rewarding & NO medication side effects. We don't need more pain and problems. 

Have you recently changed your lifestyle to help your anxiety ?

Do you have any advice for fellow sufferers?

How does anxiety affect your life?

This blog post was inspired by a Daily Mail article brought to my attention by my lovely Mum. Thank you both for raising awareness and bringing all the evidence to my attention. 

Stay strong and chilled!

Love and peace 



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