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Chronic Diseases On The Rise.

Monday, a new week and more thoughts & issues to share.

It is coming to my attention the ever-growing issue of rising levels of chronic illnesses. The NHS and health community are struggling to keep up with the demand and are now becoming unable to be able to treat us as we need to be treated. Test results are dismissed,  notes are lost, incorrect treatment is carried out, waiting lists are longer than ever and more and more people get the wrong diagnosis or don't get diagnosed at all, leaving them to battle on and sometimes lose their fights. 

This shouldn't be the case.

Health should not be a luxury ! Everyone deserves to have the best bill of help. 

It shouldn't be that if you have the money you can be treated better & receive the treatment needed. Everyone across the board deserves the same level of care. 

It isn't just the health care services that are struggling.

Our bodies are!

Society has surrounded us with processed, toxic and artificial foods - playing on the fact our busy lives to draw us in to eating & purchasing these 'fast & easy' products, our air is full of toxins, our water is full of toxins and chemicals and drugs are everywhere you turn. 

We have all heard about the evidence that the plant-based lifestyle can prevent the development of these chronic illnesses. Is this because you automatically cut a lot of toxins out of your lifestyle, proving it is the toxins are causing the rise in chronic illnesses?

We shouldn't have to become obsessed with having to check labels to ensure that we are actually getting the product we are wanting or just a load of additives and artificial products. 

The media sell us the constant message that some packaged food products are healthy for us, we can treat ourselves and that these fast food chains do have healthy options. However, often the salads and 'healthier' options at these outlets are actually more unhealthy than their typical foods - burgers, fries and hot dogs. 

I know we all live such busy lives. We work, have a family, have a house to run and clean and there never seems enough hours in the day! So when can you possibly find time to home cook and use fresh products to reduce the risks you are currently exposing yourself too.

If you have a family you have to also consider your children in this. Do you want them consuming all these toxins? Not only exposing them to hormones and artificial ingredients that can seriously damage their bodies but toxins that could increase their chances of chronic illnesses developing. 

Don't panic. Here are a few tips that may help you work out a routine to help with this problem. 

- Spend a few hours on the weekend to meal prep. Cook some meals from fresh and then freeze them, so you can simply re-heat them through the week. Get the children involved. More hands will help cut the time this task takes along with helping them gain important skills and keeping them occupied. 

Meal ideas;

*Pasta bakes

*Pies  - meat pies, cottage pies 


*Fish pies


There are many ideas. Also investing in a slow cooker would also be a great idea! Prepping your meat, veggies and potatoes in the morning or night before then adding them all to the slow cooker before starting your day and allowing them to cook for the hours whilst you are out meaning dinner will be ready when you get home and you can simply plate up. There are many great dishes you can cook in the slow cooker: stews, meat, casseroles, chilli's, curries.

- Get excited about food again. It is one of life's pleasure. Just throwing in a ready meal and waiting for 30 minutes then munching on often very salty foods and feeling sluggish after eating them doesn't lead to excitement and enjoyment. Look up and research new recipes. Eat what you really want to eat. Rather than just picking what is in the fridge that you bought in. Cook risottos, paellas, curries, tarts and so much more. Where you can put your own twist on the dish and it is so rewarding to create your own food! It also tastes SO much better not just because of the fresh foods but because the dish has been catered to your tastes. 

-Snacks for children. This is and can be difficult you see children everyday living off chocolate bars, crisps and packed goods for their break time snacks. Your children seeing other children having these sweet treats won't be eating those pears you sent with them. They will most likely end up in the bin and then sharing those sweet treats from the other children. So how can you give them healthy, yummy snacks? 

Try homemade flapjacks that they have helped baked. 

Homemade muffins loaded with fruit.

Nut bars like Nak'd, and Food Doctor. Flavours like banana crunch, chocolate, gingerbread etc make these healthy treats sound like they are unhealthy. 

Educate your children on fresh foods over processed goods. 

Simple little chances can not only help our health but can help use and our children gain important life skills and knowledge

We can no longer afford to be blind to this issue. 

We will never get rid of these awful fast food outlets, processed junk and artificial products because unfortunately they are now to imbedded within our society and a massive part of our lives and routine. Meaning these businesses continue to boom and they make billions at our expense. 

Having brands like McDonald's and Pepsi as the main sponsors at sports events just proves their power and sends SUCH a bad message. 

Proving the point that it is all about money and these companies don't care about our health or us as human beings! They just see pound signs.

So let's fight against this! 

Over the weekend meeting up with people and catching up. Listening to people's health stories or people dying or becoming chronically ill, was scary. Names after names of people were coming up and mentioned. This is alarming. 

We don't deserve to be living with these crippling dieases - cancers, tumours, heart diease, joint problems, organ damage. It's frightening

The NHS can see what the future holds for them as a service. They can't cope now! Let alone in 10 years time and yet this industry and toxic lifestyle continues to grow. 

You can no longer eat out and be excited to enjoy freshly cooked dishes. Everything is pre-made and pre-packed to make more money. Boy, you can't even expect to receive what you ordered. The amount of dishes or drinks that get served incorrectly after you have specified what you require is untrue. A nightmare when you have allergies, intolerances or/and requirements as they could say all is ok but actually it isn't they hadn't listened and taken note of your requests correctly. This easy error can have serious & severe consequences. This is a whole issue within itself. 

Nobody can truly clean eat or life clean anymore as there are toxins in absolutely everything. We can only do the best we can to not fall further into the trap. I always say there are no short cuts in life and this is a perfect example of that quote because all those quick and easy ready meals, take away's and fast food now will only come back to haunt you later in the future. So put the ground work in now! Tomorrow is to long away and if you always put making the changes off by stating you will begin tomorrow, you will never make the change. The time is now. We are all our own warriors and hero's we have to save ourselves, so save yourself the upset, pain and devastation of developing a chronic illness. I am not saying these changes are a magic wand and making the changes will mean you won't develop a chronic illness! As I know full well! We can't control all aspects of life that could cause illness. We can only do that best we can. 

If anything just fuelling your bodies with fresh food will help you feel less sluggish and may decrease symptoms such as stomach cramps and digestive issues due to cutting down food which our body's simply can't digest and absorb. So to just feel better in yourself is a massive plus. 

We have to face these issues head on for ourselves. We have to keep on top of research because the media & companies rely on us being blind and uneducated to make as much money as they can. Nobody is going to fight for us! So be your own warrior and hero.

Our family business of owning residential park homes, we became the first park in the U.K to begin tailoring our homes to cater for people suffering from chronic illnesses & diseases allowing them to be able to live independently which is so important for us all, we all want to feel independent and be able to look after ourselves. Although the homes are amazing and the services we offer really do make residents' lives 100x's easier I fear that this will soon become the norm and more and more of us will be plagued by an illness that makes living independently near impossible.

Our bodies are amazing but they can only take so much. 

Do you have a loved one suffering from a chronic illness, or do you yourself have a chronic illness?

Have you made lifestyle changes that have helped you?

Reach out and let me know, share your stories.  It helps spread the word & awareness. 

Enjoy your week,

Love and peace - S xoxo

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