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Remember Plants Can Help Heal. Sugar Swap.

Through some research on foods and drinks I should be eating and drinking to help fight my viruses one of the main pieces of advice that keeps being mentioned is the power of plant sugars - trivia ( English version ) and stevia ( American version) have amazing qualities to help your body heal. 

I have been on plant sugars for a long time as I don't react well to refined sugars, brain fog, stomach ache & headaches are what made me have to find an alternative. So I went all natural as honey too is incredibly refined due to bee's becoming ever more rare and honey still in high demand there are articles everywhere about companies simply adding in additives and nasty toxins to make up for the lack of real honey. It's said that American's think that honey in the honeycomb version isn't honey because they are used to honey that has been so refined it is simply a thin runny syrup. Next time you ask for honey in America you just see and look at how unnatural and thin your honey is. 

So plant sugars were what I chose to switch too. I am so glad I did! As I use it in baking, sauces, coffees etc and I don't have a reaction. Holland and Barrett also do an amazing range of flavoured stevia drops! Chocolate, caramel, lemon to name just a few. These are amazing to add to muffins, smoothies, coffees, ice teas and more. Worth trying for sure!

Now with doing this extra research I have really found out the benefits of plant sugars. I wanted to bring these benefits to your attention as even if you don't suffer from chronic diseases or illnesses you can still benefit from the swap in the term of simply well being. Life is too short to crave a sugar fix but then suffer with headaches etc due to it.

So here we go! Here are the benefits;









-chronic fatigue 

-upset tummy's



-improved energy levels

-strengthens your immune system

-helps with dandruff and hair loss

Now, refined sugars have absolutely no nutritional benefits to us at all. I know I would rather get some goodness from my foods and know they are benefiting me in some way. 

I can see why doctors are recommending this swap. As now I can see that I can use it as a helping hand in strengthening my immune system as of course that is heavily under attack in my body. So if I can help in any way - boy, it's worth a shot!

If you suffer from reactions from refined sugars or you can see one of the benefits from above really helping you improve your well being, what are you waiting for?! It is a simple change. The sugar is just as sweet and will satisfy any sweet tooth so don't worry about that. 

Other foods and spices that are recommended to help fight viruses are;



-apple cider vinegar 




-coconut oil 


-flax seeds


Luckily I already use these products a lot in my diet but due to their high levels of anti-inflammatory properties. So easy to add into your diet you can use the above in sauces, teas, to top salads and dishes, in your baking. Don't like some of these ingredients? Holland and Barrett have SO many options for supplements - garlic, ginger, turmeric and apple cider vinegar etc! So there is no excuse. I always take turmeric tablets with me when I go abroad to make sure I have my dose to help. Two of my medications I am currently taking to fight the viruses have high levels of turmeric within them. So that proves their power. So many options for you.

So there you have it!

Are you going to make the change?

Have you made the change?

Can you see a difference?

Remember research and education is so important. My next blog post will be quite eye opening and shocking. It will show how truly we are and have to be our own hero's. 

So look out for that. 

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Thank you for reading.

Don't forget to reach out and share your tips, stories and experiences. 

Love and peace xoxo

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