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Cleanse The Liver. Heal With High Alkaine Plant Based Goodies.

So, let's combine the plant based diet and the issue of combatting allergies that will hopefully help you all in many different ways. 

Your liver has a lot of work to do on a daily basis. Unfortunately it's job is getting a lot harder too with the evergrowing elevated levels of toxins in our diets, air and over all life styles. This can lead to liver disease, inflamed and over worked livers that can cause inflammation in other parts of the body causing more pain and issues.

So let's try to help the liver out and keep it functioning efficiently so it can flush out all the toxins your body faces on a daily basis. 

But that means more medications and silly diets?

Not really. 

Just simply increase alkaline dense foods and decrease acidic foods. High acidic foods cause inflammation within the body, where as alkaline foods are detoxing to the body. 


Increase these types of foods;







-Lemons & Limes


-Spinach & Kale - leafy greens


-Plant-based milks




-Green tea




-Nuts - uncoated




Decrease these types of foods;



-Pickled products

-Packaged products

-Refined oils

-Refined sugar


-Fizzy drinks 


-Canned veg & fruit 

-Coated nuts 

-Dried fruits

-Sweetened fruit juices

-Tomato, BBQ & brown sauces 


Moderate acidic foods;





-Bananas & tropical fruits


-Soy sauce


These are just a rough idea 💡 of course there is SO many more foods. I have have just given you the best alkaline foods and the most acidic ones so you can help and adapt easier. There is no point getting rid of all the acidic foods and replacing them soley with alkaline. The digestive system needs a balance of both to work infinitely. However, whether you are feeling unwell or have inflammation within the body it is recommended to up your alkaline foods to help reduce inflammation, flush out the toxins and regain that healthy level.

As you can see all the above are easily adaptable into your diets. 

Though don't go cutting out all those acids! I live by Apple cider vinegar and the health benefits are amazing so that is a perfect example of not cutting out everything. 

You can add garlic to your pasta sauces, add it to chicken, add it to stews, curries.

Lemons - add them to your water, teas, riottos, over fish, in cakes, on salads. 

Change up your veggies! Rather than having sweetcorn and canned vegetables -buy fresh! Add broccoli, peas, asparagus ( and asparagus is in season right now and are truly delicious so take advantage of that!) 

Make paella! Adding ginger, cinnamon, lemon, garlic & turmeric ! Perfect meal choice.

It's so simple! 

If you get a grip on things as soon as you begin feeling a bit out of tune you should be able to bounce back and feel better SO much quicker than faffing with over the counter medications - only adding more side effects, costing you money and adding more toxins to the body for the liver to work to remove. 

If you eat meat or fish;

Meat is highly acidic - beef and pork being the worst offenders. At a PH of 3

Chicken and Turkey are around a PH of 4 but fish is a better choice. Fresh fish has a PH level of around 6. 

So a few fresh fish pies, baked & grilled fish dishes may be on the menu more often for a week. 


If you have long-term, chronic illnesses such as liver diesease, heart disease, cancer etc it is recommended you follow a stricter alkaline diet in the sense of eating more alkaline foods more often and a week of eating this way will not make you feel healed. Though someone with flu may bounce back and be back on form in a few days. Chronic illnesses are a lot more difficult & complex. 

You may not be healed but remember your body is like a car engine. Putting in the wrong oil will lead it to burn out, crash and burn essentially. 

So when you have had a night on the town filling yourself with beers, vodkas, pizzas, ooo chips, kebabs etc you feel sluggish, ill and often like death the over load of toxins has over loaded the liver and now you are paying the price.

Made these simple chances?

Let me know how you are feeling? Any bad experiences from having an over load of acidic foods?

Reach out- let me know.

Love and peace, S xoxo

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