• Sophie Ward

Beautiful Souls.

Some would agree that the most beautiful, caring individuals are the ones who suffer and travel the toughest roads, facing the most terrible storms to weather through. 

I would like to think these people's souls are so colourful & a slice of heaven that evil although will always state they live for storms, negativiely and to cause pain are actually jealous of the colour you radiate. We all know that bullies pick on the people they are deeply jealous of and want to be like. So maybe this is why the people with the kindest hearts and most beautiful souls are the ones who become involved in wars & battles against these evils, wanting a slice of their heaven. 

We all know that the deep seas hold the most mysterious and interesting stories. Leaving behind beautiful treasures that inspire later generations.

People suffering from chronic illnesses & diseases I feel leave a story and many make a real mark within the community they are working in, living in and the causes they are fighting. We may not all win unfortunately- but wise people always tell me, 'it isn't the winning but the taking part that counts.' As long as you gave 100 per cent and kept a kind heart, then really you won ! As you will be remembered and be an inspiration to others. 

You, like I have coloured have created and built a beautiful castle. A castle that is the rib cage, temple protecting your heart of gold. Nobody can take these away from you. No evil force, nobody can dull your sparkle. Your castle, although may receive some hits, lose a few stones here and there, gain some unrepairable damage will still live in the depths of the ocean as a treasure that lucky explorers will come across and enjoy admiring, figuring out the story and beauty in front of them. 

I recently watched a film about a 16 year old girl. She was training to attend the Olympics as an ice skater. She began with becoming breathless, coughs and on going sore throats at training. Her coach told her to get a grip and train harder. Until one day she passed out in the changing rooms. She was taken the the hospital and diagnosed with asthma. She got her inhaler and entered straight back into full training. However, she still wasn't right, the inhaler wasn't giving her enough relief. Her coach believed she was slacking and not taking training seriously. She passed out again and the hospital ran bloods. 

She and her family were called in to find she had throat cancer. She had to have immediate surgery. Leaving her unable to speak for a month, using a white board and pen to communicate. 

She then began chemotherapy she became very sick and was unable to attend school, lost weight, was weak and began losing her hair.

Her friends stopped inviting her to parties because they were embarrassed by her looks and appearance. 

Luckily she had an extremely supportive boyfriend, 2 sisters and Mother and Father. They would take her on outings, sit with her, drink the juices she had to drink and be supportive. Her Father shaved his head in support of her and raised money for cancer research. 

Despite all the terrible feelings and changes she was going through she was determined to beat the cancer. She would be as positive as she could be. When losing her hair she would joke about it saving her 20 minutes in the mornings messing with her hair and preparing it for the day. 

Prom day came and she had bought a dress with her Mum before all this. She has lost so much weight it no longer fit, she felt embarrassed and wanted this dress because it was so special to her. So her Mum altered the dress so it was a halter neck, to keep the dress up, brought it in for her and with the extra netting created a cover up for her shoulders. Her sisters did her make up and they gushed over how beautiful she looked and was. She felt guilty on her boyfriend because she felt he could have any girl, a girl that was gorgeous, well and full of life. He wanted her though and throughout the film stood by her for her 3 year journey! 

Her ongoing fight began to be recognised by her peers and friends who began to be more supportive. 

Her health began improving and eventually she was given the all clear. She began training once again in the frame of mind that she loved ice skating and to gain her strength back.

Her coach apologised for questioning her commitment and dismissing her symptoms. 

She was a talented singer and through her journey had sung her story in clips on YouTube. They were seen by many and she was invited to sing the Canadian national atheme at a sporting game. Where they spoke highly of her determination, fight and journey and raised a lot of awareness for the cause. 

After this amazing event she began suffering once again. The cancer had returned. Although still willing to fight any battle thrown at her and she kept as postivie she could, she did not unfortunately win this battle. 

She passed at the age of just 19. 

However, her legacy lives on and she has inspired so many others suffering in a similar way. That's a true hero. 

I hope I can do the same.

The film was based on a true story and I am so pleased that is was created into a film ( showing she really does have a legacy ) but it's a message to us all. To be grateful and cherish every moment. Be positive whenever possible and as warriors we never truly lose! 

Our message, story and inspiration lives on. 

I think the greatest gift in the world is helping others. 

People forget the best medicines and gifts in life are totally free; love, cuddles, support, help, advice etc.

And unless people suffer with these awful circumstances, it seems they become ignorant towards them and their hearts suffer leading them to become self centred. If you can show love and kindness always do. 

We can give in to our evils and allow them to bulldoze our beautiful castles right down or we can battle and give it our all. Accepting some slight losses but brushing off the dust, picking up the sword and battling on, smiling and enjoying as much as possible. 

We are allowed our weak days, our tears acceptable - they add to our stories and strength. 

Remember be your own hero. 

Hold the pen and write the story that will define you. The illnesss does not define you! The fight does!! 

I felt this was a good way to round of the week and give you inspiration going into the weekend.

Thank you for reading and go and build that beautiful castle!

Love and peace, always. 



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