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BBC Documentary. We Matter! There Is A Purpose Behind Awareness Being Raised.

You may have managed to watch the BBC's documentary last night on the 1980's blood transfusion & transplant scandal. 

Many were affected, over £2000 people died due to the neglecence of the health care system. 

Mainly effecting haemophilic's - haemophilia being a rare blood disease where suffer's blood does not clot. So if they get a bleed it is extremely difficult to stop and get under control. So you can see the deadly dangers are here. 

It is so easy to cut ourselves! So you can see how and why so many blood transfusions and transplants needed to take place to save lives. 

Unfortunately it was an ever growing disease within this period and research was only just beginning to be developed and focused on. Blood banks were desperate and anyone willing to give blood were invited to do so and would receive money for contributing. 

This was all well and good, the numbers for participantion were high. The supplies were finally getting on top of the growing demand. However, we were still short in the U.K, having to import a lot from America. America was experiencing a new dangerous epidemic at this time - HIV ( AIDS). A disease rapidly on the raise with no cure. 

People often not knowing they were infected with HIV were willingly to give blood in exchange for money. Many of these invdivials being involved in the party, drug scene that needed the extra cash for drugs and had put themselves at high risk contracting the disease due to their lifestyles.

Demand was growing, donated blood was not given the care and testing it required. The idea was save money, treat people quickly and get the job done. (As always cutting corners, quick fixes and money). This negligence leading to many haemophiliac's to become infected with HIV and even hepatitis C - a fatal disease affecting the liver. Leading them to a life of suffering they did not deserve and death. When they believed and were excited that this blood would save them, make their lives better not knowing it could actually be doing far more harm & damage.

Despite charges being made in Japan, America and France where the people responsible have served jail time and been struck off, nothing has happened in the U.K. - nobody has accepted responsibility and have been brought to justice. Whilst family members have lost loved ones, sufferers have lost their lives or lived a harder life and they have not received the justice, compensation they deserve.

Many were made to sign that they would not sue the health industry for their negligence in the issue of contracting HIV or hepatitis. 

Which is a scape goat for them.

This is why even through it has been 27 years since this scandal began, it is important to raise awareness everyday! As when the voices get louder they are harder to silence. 

I fear this is not just an growing trend among the health industry but in society as a whole. We are so focused on fast, quick fixes and money that we get misdiagnosed, mis-treated and dismissed. We all deserve the highest level of care. Especially when it comes to health. 

Like myself with my own battles and being misdiagnosed, mistreated and dismissed for a decade I wanted to raise awareness that it isn't just one disease where research, lack of knowledge and negligence is being carried out but that is across the board. No disease or illness being more important than another. All are killers, all require treatment and the correct treatment at that.

I hope to be an ambassador for my illnesses and diseases. To help as many as I can. 

I don't however and never had, had just tunnel vision. Just because I don't suffer directly with an illness doesn't mean I can't relate, help, learn and gain knowledge from them. 

Knowledge is power - in all senses. 

A perfect example of this fact is as they ended the documentary the BBC referred to the Hillsbourgh disaster and their fight. Now there fight wasn't health related but the message is the same and the fight is for the same victory. For us, the people to receive the care and justice we deserve! Our rights, our voices to be listened too. 

The world is sucked into the trap of money, money, money. That we as human's on this planet are put a the greatest and most dangerous risks. 

Keep spreading love, awareness and kindness.

As the voices get louder they become harder to silence. 

I would like to dedicate this post to my dear friend Shannon Loder. Her Father was caught up within this scandal and it unfortunately caused him to lose his life. 

Like I told her this morning, we have the take strength from this documentary, that her Dad's voice is finally being heard. Although he lost his fight, he has made his mark on the world with his strength to fight like he did through his illness, touching friends and family as he did, creating a family and loving his wife. That strength trait Shannon has definitely picked up from him and that in itself entitles her Dad to be remembered as a true hero. I am grateful to him, for creating such an awesome girl who I am so lucky to call my friend. 

She has and is achieving such amazing things. She continues to make her Dad proud everyday, for sure. 

Remember all are effected, the person suffering, their loved ones, friends and family's.

Do all you can, in any way you can to raise awareness. 

I know many of you will be running for charities this summer and I congratulate you on your bravery, know that all your hard work we are truly thankful for. Write, use social media, walk, sell your clothes, carboots, quizzes, or simply donate a few of those pennies. 

Every little helps. 

Together we fight stronger. 

Keep gaining knowledge and fighting on. Raise those voices - make them listen.

Thank you for reading and if you didn't catch that documentary it will be on BBC iplayer over the next week. It was aired a 9pm on BBC 1, Wednesday 10th May. 

Experienced any issues within the health industry- misdiagnosed? The wrong medications? The incorrect surgery? 

Share your story! 

Or maybe you would like to share with us how you are raising awareness. 

I so enjoy hearing from you. 

Love and peace 




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