• Sophie Ward

Sneaky Snakes.

Sneaky snakes, 

The sadness and pain they create,

Now live within me,

Changing me as a person you see,

The aches and pains, 

More control the snakes gain,

Your body no longer knows how to work you,

Every task is a struggle to work through,

Your brain and your heart,

Their favourite part,

Setting up shop, 

The damage they want to cause won't stop,

One little bite

Now your mind only sees white,

Like a robot no longer in control,

The snakes - you they have stole, 

Everyday you fight

The enemy rarely in sight,

Attacking you all the time,

Taking away many of your pleasures you should be able to enjoy in your prime, 

You tire quickly and are haunted by exhaustion,

Having to take and treat each day with caution,

You are crazy, out of your mind,

So many to your pain are blind,

I wish and pray for me back,

Scared for the next attack,

Living full of fears, 

I sit often day and night-  my face full of tears,

Not able to trust anyone or anything you eat,

Not willing to except defeat,

Need to keep hearing that heart beating,

Shivering cold - wack up the heating,

Treatment causes the snakes to fight harder and with more aggression,

Leaving you with an even worse pain session,

When will it end,

There is only so much of you, you can defend,

Your hand to me please lend,

This is a time I really need a friend,

I fight,

Day and night,

I want a day off and a real rest,

But everyday I have to fight and give my best,

I can not let the snakes win,

Destroying and killing me from within. 

They eat away at you,

Whilst you feel less like you,

Different snakes effect people in different ways, 

To hard to handle some days, 

Please accept my story and pain,

I am trying to dance through the rain,

I will always try and smile,

Though feeling true happiness, well it's been a while,

Maybe one day,

We can say,

I fought and I survived

The deepest seas I have dived

The snakes defeated,

With you I am seated,

Happy - telling my story, 

My story

The struggle over,

I was my own four leaf clover,

The evil, nasty enemy I never deserved,

Or the length of time they served,

They did damage,

But I did manage,

I hope to say,

I will keep positive in some way, 

The fight goes on,

More snakes to fight as the journey goes on. 

This picture shows the light, positivity and strength you radiate and have whilst the snakes try to attack you, take you away, and damage your brain. 

You are still a star shining bright, giving it your best fight. 

Keep going warrior. 

Keep positive and know you can win the fight.


' I may lose a battle but I'll win the war.' 

Love and peace, more than ever.



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