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Our Pain. Heart Breaking. Spread The Word. Doctors Responses.

PLEASE watch the YouTube video I have linked below. Sophie Gaplin is an amazing young woman. She recently went to Washington D.C for IV antibiotic treatment & infusions. She has been back 4 months now but her immune system became EXTREMELY weak and she is only JUST getting back to the things she was doing prior to the 4 months of being home & the 9 weeks of infusions. 🎗 yesterday she went to see an immunologist in hope to see if she can't restore her immune system in any way. This doesn't just show the LENGTH we have to go to receive treatment, the length of time treatment takes but also that sometimes treatment can backfire. With all the co-infections involved with Lyme! Everyone has DIFFERENT symptoms. And with lack of research and doctors already misunderstanding Lyme these issues are a daily struggle. It's not just a quick, slight virus! This shows how awful, painful & serious Lyme is and how we NEED more research and to raise more awareness. Such and strong, inspiration and amazing woman. 🎗⭐️ please take a watch and spread the word for us ! Please💚💚💚.  

Sophie's struggles

Please watch and share. 

Her boyfriend has kindly written out her story for you to see clearly the agony of her pain. 

I also want to raise awareness over how the NHS and the health industry in general treat us daily. 

These are daily messages and responses on the Lyme Disease UK discussion group. The support between us is priceless and so lovely,useful and amazing! The stories and experiences however are truly heart breaking. Some thriving off certain treatments and some relapsing badly knocking them back. People are paying out thousands to go abroad for treatment and tests. We don't test properly for Lyme in this country YET health professionals refuse to accept positive tests and refuse to treat!! People are going to America, Germany, Spain, Cyprus and Belgium to get treatments. We deserve treatment! We deserve health too!

I was very annoyed on a recent trip to A&E with the response I got to my pain and heightened symptoms. I only had to mention that I suffered with Lyme and then they were quick to tell me all my symtoms were Lyme and they could not treat me. Well if they 'know' all the symtoms of Lyme then why did it take me 9 years tonne diagnosed and for so many others to go YEARS to go undiagnosed?


This is why we need research, we need treatments, we need tests and we need to be listened too!!

I am SO lucky to have an amazing health professional treating me. After the weekend of being at the hospital and then the GP my symptoms being dismissed, not listened to or examined properly. My professor listens to ALL my symtoms and has an answer for all of them along with a treatment idea or atleast a plan of action. Not just 'Oh it's just a headache, just a bit of swelling! Leave it a few days!' He will name what he thinks it is and offer a solution or idea to help. He appreciates how serious and deadly this disease can be. This is how we need more doctors and consultants to respond and be educated on the disease. 

With Lyme Disease Awareness Month drawing to a close but the summer weather coming out to play! The message NEEDS to be continued to be spread and raised. As now is the time of year you are most likely to get biten.

Watch out for my avoiding bites blog over the next few days.

Let me know what you think of the video and the NHS's response to our diesease.

Pray for warriors & help spread the word and love as MUCH as you can.

We are truly grateful for you backing and support. 

Love and peace 



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