• Sophie Ward

Day 2 - Reactions. A Challenging Day.

Nothing worthwhile is easy. 

I apologise for this blog being a little later than I had hoped and planned.

I will also try and keep it short & sweet as I am not on top form, it has been a challenging day. 

Mama and I started the day with the fire burning fiercely in our souls. We had our awareness t-shirt and our bracelets on ready for action.

Though the first to arrive ( as always - never late, always early we were last out). It took the nurses an hour to get a suitable vein for my IV infusions to begin. Once we had found the vein we thought all would be straight forward from then on. Mama went for a walk and I just chilled. However 20 minutes in I began feeling boiling hot, my head itching like crazy but when I scratched it was like razors blades on my skin. At first I ignored it but then my throat began feeling like swords were scrapping down it, my lips hurt to touch, and I could touch my skin anywhere without it itching but like my head giving me that razor blade pain. 

I felt like the front of my head was going to explode and I wanted to be sick. I had to pull the rope and call the nurses. This led to me coming off the anti-biotics and took a couple of hours to stabilise the symtoms. My temperature sky rocketed and I felt panicked. I couldn't move. Nothing could touch me as the itching would start. 

Mama came back to find me exhausted with ice packs on my head. This panicked her to as all day it meant I had to have liver detoxes and vitamin drips rather than the anti-viral drips. Which is what I really needed.

A 3-4hour job then turned into an 8 hour day. I am exhausted and have had 7 lots of infusions today. Wiped out. A little deflated as is Mama we just want all to go straight forward for once but that's life. Need to keep positive! We have high fived to the day and will keep the smiles on our faces.

Got to rock this rash and a bruised head and neck now 🤞🏼. Rock what you have. 

Roll on tomorrow. 👊🏼💪🏼

Love and peace



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