• Sophie Ward

Day 7. Home Sweet Home.

'We have to experience the blips and falls to enjoy the rise.'

Happy Sunday all of my beautiful souls.

Firstly I want to thank you for all the amazing and outstanding support you have all given and offered me this week. I am truly overwhelmed and it really does warm my heart. My journey is the biggest struggle but it is also so important to realise there are so many suffering in silence and I want to try as best as I can put that fact to an end. Not only tracking my own journey to encourage myself but to help as many of you as I possibly can. 

I appreciate all the positive feedback and many of you reaching out to me this week. I am always here and will always offer you 100 per cent of my efforts. 

After a 5 hour car journey I am finally back in the comfort of my own home. 

Frankly enjoying what my Mum likes to call it - 'a me, myself, I - day' now. Watching catch up telly rubbish, colouring, a hot bubble bath, eating my favourite pasta, enjoying frozen grapes 🍇 & having pizzas for tea. 

I am so drained I don't feel guilty for well being a bit lazy. 

Like the nurse yesterday said to me, I did well just going in everyday as many go in kicking, screaming and unwilling to keep having the IV infusions because it gets to much for them to handle ( reactions and pain wise ). They are hard work but you have to work through them, you want to get better as soon as you can! You are always told you will feel worse before better it's just hard to know what you will wake up feeling like and how you will manage to cope through the day. I also do though. You always pull yourself together. That's the warrior within you. 

People probably looked at my journey this week as a 'little holiday break.' As I tried to see it at first but believe me it is far from a holiday. Massive increasing of pain levels, brain fog, tiredness, aching, fevers, chills, emotionally draining as well as physically, traveling to and from the hospital, travelling in general and headaches. It isn't plain sailing. Neither is it for the families of the patients. 

They have medications to keep note of, they have to experience their loved ones struggle through the reactions, help with travel, carry all the bags, organise foods/bags/medications/treatments/future treatments. You forget it isn't just the patient on this journey - it effects the whole family. 

Especially the one ( Mama ) who is there day in day out with you. 

Mama and I have had one EXTREMELY emotionally and physically draining roller coaster of a week but we have made sure we have enjoyed some good girlie gossips and good times together. 

And with 1,000 blog views this week, hundreds of comments on my Facebook and Mama's, dozens of beautiful Instagram comments, many of you reaching out personally, has like I said above truly overwhelmed and warmed my heart! I am SO thankful! SO thankful for the love and support. 

We both thank you! This is the hardest challenege I have personally faced so far and to know & feel the love from you all just drives me and motivates me more than I could ever begin to explain! 

Tomorrow brings new trials and challenges as I find out what the next stages of treatment and my journey are. Of course all quite daunting but keeping that positive mindset. Knowing all of you are behind me all the way just adding to my motivation. Thank you. 

I will keep you up to date & remember to check out my socials; sophwardy - Snapchat & Twitter and sophiewardy Instagram. Not forgetting to reach out if you have any queries or questions. 

Pray, hope, wish & dream.

Love and peace 



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