• Sophie Ward

New Lyme Vaccine.

Seeing an article about being a possible vaccine against Lyme in the pipeline, I can not tell you - fills me with relief!

The vaccine will be available from the beginning of Spring to ensure you build up a tolerance before the summer season. 

The worry is this could take years before the vaccine is available to us. It won't help infected paitents. However it will make a massive difference and for sure will decrease the frightening numbers that contract the disease each year, all around the world. 

Not only may it take years but Lyme is not accepted as a disease in this country. We can't even get access to tests or treatments yet. Let alone a vaccine to prevent the disease. 

Germany, Poland, Finland & America are so more advanced than we are when it comes to Lyme. They have recognised that it is a hidden epidemic and could become worse if doctors and scientists don't find soloutons. 

The countries above don't have higher number of their populations suffering from Lyme. Bar America due to their higher population but they have chosen - not to be ignorant to Lyme and actually address the situation and take it seriously.

I understand the NHS is under a huge amount of strain already and chronic, long term & expensive disease & illnesses they can't wait hack and take on. Instead of trying to become educated on these up and coming dangerous diseases. They choose to dismiss them and bury their heads in the sand. 

So this progress abroad my start making the NHS listen. 


It's a long way off but it's definitely a huge step in the right direction. 


There was a lovely lady who commented on the U.K. Lyme discussion group today. Explaining how her Father was not willing to support her on her treatment journey

He told her that everyone is dying and why should he spend his retirement money on treatments that only work for the short term or don't work at all.


That is the Lyme game - the Russian roulette. Lack of research means this is the way it is for us. We don't know what treatment will work on our bodies and how long we can stabilise our health.

However, everyone deserves the best bill of health possible. 

This lady is fighting for a better bill of health, she understands the disease is killing her but she is willing to do whatever possible to have the best life she can. That is a basic human right.

Her Father's attitude is completely out of order and selfish. We would all do whatever possible for our loved ones. And your Father is one of the major figures in your life and main support system. 


Understand that this disease is soul & body destroying. We are simply fighting everyday for a better life, decreased pain levels and of course to protect others from having to suffer this torture daily, long term.

We can't spend our time worrying about unsupportive people. It's pure ignorance and selfishness on their part. You have and aren't doing that anything wrong fighting for health. 

Focus on the people who are there, who lift you up, understand ( as best they can ) on your rougher days and offer a hand to hold throughout the challeneging journey. 

I am truly lucky to have amazing family and friends who continue everyday to fight alongside me.

Such caring, loyal period aren't easy to come by these days. I cherish them dearly.

Have a blessed Wednesday, cherishing every moment.



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