• Sophie Ward

Reaching A Higher Platform.

Social media does have its perks. As I am so pleased to say that the Mighty ( www.themighty.com ) came across a link to my blog via twitter and contacted me about reposting my 'I'm tired - The Code, Decoded' post. 

They are a faboulous website where bloggers from all over the world suffering from anxiety, rare diseases, chronic illness, depression and disabilities have their posts reposted in order to help members gain knowledge, advice and find comfort in not being alone. 

I am so thankful to Erin the editor getting in contact and allowing me to be apart and join this amazing community and platform. 

I hope we can work together again very soon. 

The link to the post I will add for you all. However take at my blog to find the post if you want to read it from here. 


The Mighty !

Take a look through the Mighty and if you do suffer from anxiety, chronic illness, rare disease and depression I do reccommend you read some of the posts written by suffers. They will for sure give you comfort and support. 

Thank you again for you ongoing supporting. 



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