• Sophie Ward

Poem - The Beauty In The Battle.

The Beauty In The Battle. 

In the garden the flowers blossom around the weeds,

As we water our needs,

My heart continues to bleed,

My soul - love I need to feed,

The endless pain,

Brings nothing but a whole emotional & physical strain,

Strength we hope to gain,

We water our flowers in the rain,

Everyone will die,

That's no word of a lie,

Don't cry,

At life you really do try, 

You fight on,

When the viruses want you gone, 

You will rise to number one,

Your story will live on,

Your kind heart,

The love everyone wants to be a part,

Far away but never apart, 

The bullets from the gun you do dart, 

In the firing line,

The dieseases, me I refuse to allow to define, 

I will be just fine,

Just fine,

A phrase that I love,

In the clouds above,

The angels I pray to and love,

Keep my heart filled with hope and love,

The seas try to drown me,

I fight to be free,

Water flows through me,

I fight to save - me,

The trees blow wildly trying to knock me down,

My smile may turn to a frown,

You will have to wheel me as I can't walk around town, 

My mood does drop down,

I may smile at you like I have the sun on my face,

But a new battle everyday I have to embrace, 

Holding myself together with grace,

Tears flow and stain my face, 

It has been years, 

Filled with so many tears,

My brain fog clears, 

My mind once again filled with fears,

The fears I face every day, 

Weak do you say?

I'll give you my pain to keep at bay,

One day you may understand in some way, 


Myself I grieve - she is truly missed,

A past life reminisced,

A life that is truly missed,

The hours,

The storms that bring the rain showers,

Water my flowers,

Whilst I battle on for endless hours, 

My skin stings,

In my ears the bell rings,

In the tree the bird sings,

Holding on and seeing what today brings,

The pain I hide,

Holding on tight on this rollercoaster ride,

Are you by my side?

All differences aside,

Illness paints everything in a new light,

My old goals no longer in sight,

Though for life I must continue you to fight,

With all my might,

Is the grass greener on the other side,

Some people seem through life to simply glide,

The angels and white feathers will be your guide,

Keep the fire burning inside,

I was given this challenge by fate,

I question when is the end date?

The pain on me is simply too great, 

I am the viruses' bait, 

How much longer must I wait, 

Strength is my main trait, 

This challenge however I simply hate,

Good or bad days I will never be late,

This war I am determined to win,

Where do I begin,

The army of viruses have made this a true World War I have found myself in,

Digging deep for the strength that stems from within,

Here I am right now,

To the viruses I won't bow,

Battle through - I don't know how?

I am just fighting through the day for now. 

Take and treasure all the beauties from the day,

Cherish them in every single way,

In one moment they can all be taken away,

I know it seems cruel to say,

Stop be selfish and look around,

Of all I have achieved I should be proud,

I fight hard without a sound,

Sharing my love to all I surround,

My sadness I will hide,

Fight with me by my side,

Keep that smile wide,

Let's make those viruses in a dark lonely hole go and hide. 



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