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A Busy Week - Our Voices Being Heard. Your Love and Support Fills My Heart.

The weekly run down. 

This week has been a big week, making waves and finally been heard. 

Thanks to Matt Dawson's open interviews on Monday the awareness that has been drummed up has been amazing. Public Health England have been made to comment on Lyme and the media have been forced into creating more articles and offering more air time to Lyme. 

The Guardian, The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, The Independent to name just a few have printed stories as well as ITV, BBC and channel 5 covering Lyme through their daily news shows. 

It is known knowledge that Public Health England & the NHS do not believe in chronic Lyme. They believe a short course of antibiotics when contracting 'flu' like symptoms and a bullseye rash is what Lyme  is all about. 

This week has shown that Lyme is a much darker and dangerous disease than it has previously been painted out to be.   

Matt coming out and being open about almost dying from heart complications due to a tick bite really made the health system and the media have to admit this disease is serious and dangerous!

Through the week Lyme has become more researched and questioned by the media. 

At the beginning we accepted the see a rash, feel like you have flu, nip to your GP and get the course of antibiotics. 

No mention of my intense and severe symptoms. 

Some articles saying that medical professionals said the issue on chronic Lyme was controversial. 

By the end of the week articles began raising the bar. Looking into 'on going Lyme' and why Matt Dawson had suffered so severely if it was just as simply as the health professionals were telling us?

They then began naming symptoms that chronic Lyme sufferers suffer from as time goes on: 

- heart attacks

- tremors

- migraines

- blurred visions

- paralysis 

- joint pain 

- allergies and intolerances

- sleep problems

- nausea and sickness 

- digestive issue

-memory loss

- muscle weakness

This although it has taken a lot of hard work and time to get people to hear our screams, this is definitely a step forward. 

Some even began saying that Public Health England do realise that there is 'post-treatment Lyme' - i.e. Chronic. 

See they are being very careful as they know chronic Lyme is a huge and growing problem. A life time of expensive treatments that may not always work on patients would be a massive strain on the already strained NHS. They don't want to take on this burden and complex disease. 

It's easier to keep it to '2 weeks of antibiotics ' then after that call us crazy. 

With all this extra noise being made about Lyme though they can't get away from admitting the clear, cut truth. 

We aren't the only country to dismiss and be lied too about Lyme. 

Australia refuse to admit that they even have Lyme disease in their country. They have patients travelling to America, Germany and Poland for months worth of treatment to try and save their lives because they are so badly treated back in their homeland. 

America have the issue of insurance companies not willing to pay thousands of pounds out to treat patients with chronic Lyme. So any medical professional who tried to treat a chronic Lyme patient get sued, shut down and their medical licenses taken off them! 

The U.K. we are told we are crazy and that our tests from abroad of a scam. Yet they don't offer up to date tests here. They use tax payers money to sue medical clinics that try to treat Lyme patients who are paying for private care taking the strain off the NHS. But they use our money to sue these places, lose and then it's a loss for all. As they have wasted our money and we remain poorly. 

We know that deep down they can see the red flags and behind closed doors - very secretive doors there are lots of research being carried out worldwide. 

The medical industry however need to be frank with us all when they know information. We should not be the ones to blame or called crazy because they don't want to deal with the situation. 

Of course Matt Dawson with being a public figure has drummed up more awareness than we can as 'nobody's'. I am thankful, so thankful for public figures like Matt coming out and being brave enough to share his story. As it does make people listen and take note. Though it shouldn't take this to be heard. 

In the shadows there are thousands of us suffering. Suffering in silence or told we are to blame for the torture we feel. 

I refuse to stop raising awareness and I may not have the following of public figures but if I can advise, help, or educate anyone my endless hardwork is so worth it. 

I am lucky to have the following I do, and I am so truly grateful for every single one of you. Your support is what keeps me fighting and gives me hope. 

This week alone I have received so much amazing support; 

- Ellie bringing me the biggest unicorn 🦄 ever ( who still needs a killer name - suggestions?) to cheer me up. 

She drove up especially to get me out of the house to do the pub quiz.

- I have had house offers to make my life easier.

- Dedicating social status', which fill my heart. 

- Lifts to see friends. 

- Lovely motivating Facebook and Instagram comments.

-A song been written about my story.

When I am going through the hardest time and there are many hours I feel like throwing in the towel but all you lovely people all lift me up and knock some motivation and sense into me. Reminding me of why I am fighting. Which I am SO grateful for.

We are almost at the end of the month and almost at 5,000 hits! Let's get there!! 

Drum up the love and stay up to date 💚💚

I love you all, so much. 

I have just had my 34 head injections so I will try and blog as much as I can to keep you up to date. Though blogs may take longer and may be up slightly later- so keep your eyes peeled.

Here is some of this week's love that's warmed my heart!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

So so so much love you all fill my heart!!!!

I love and am thankful for you all.

Let's fight on!



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