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Sophie's Conspirancy Theories - Did Hitler Suffer From Lyme Disease?

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love reading up on conspiracy theories in all forms. From unsolved murders, world events, world leaders, space and accidental deaths- the list goes on.

Well having the arguement with my close friend Matthew about his new fitness programme as he believes with everything going on with Trump and North Korea over nuclear weapons means survival of the fittest God forbid if anything were to happen he thinks this theory is what would save him. 

Which got me thinking... Hitler preached Charles Darwin's theory of the survival of the fittest. Though it seems behind the sharp, strong, fit person he sold to his public and the world was just a lie. He was far from sharp, fit and strong, especially towards the end of his life and if Darwin's theory is correct ( which I don't believe it is- anyone can contract a chronic illness, be run over etc it is all in fate's hands in reality) yet Hitler built his leadership and existence around this theory.

Trying to wipe out a whole race ( in which he was a quarter Jew himself but he had that part of his family tree removed). He created a superior race of which himself funny enough had none of the genetics of ( blonde hair, blue eyes) and preached a theory of which he would be first to die if in fact it was true. 

Why? How? He was always so strong. You never saw him have any issues. 

Of course we didn't - why would he show that all he was telling his public and showcasing the world was far from the truth. He had to big of a ego and pride for that. 

So where is the evidence;

Hitler's doctor from the time Theodore Morell came forward and shared Hitler's health issues with the world. 

What Hitler went through in World War One nearly being killed in a Mustard gas attack and having to lose a testicle due to an injury on the Somme will most definitely not only been physically scarring but mentally. 

Doctors have often put out the thought that Hitler was most likely suffering from schizophrenia. He was simply fly off the handle and always had everyone one edge as to what side of them they were going to come across. 

He suffered terribly with irritable bowel syndrome! Taking up to 28 tablets a day and over the 6 years of World War Two had taken over 90 different tablets to try and help with his symptoms. 

He began taking cocaine for his sinus, migraine and sore throats that were re-occurring. Eventually leading to addiction of the drug. 

Later in his life towards the end of the war he was struggling to walk. Often not able to walk far at all and having to make adjustments to public outings so he would 'ride' rather than walk. In the latter days people rarely saw much of their leader due to is deteriorating health. 

He began having vision problems, blurred vision and black spots. He took chamomile for his insomnia and complained about sleep deprivation. 

He was losing his mind. Churchill joked in 1944 that there would be no need for anymore assassination attempts from the Allies. As Hitler being replaced by someone who actually knew what they were doing was more of a threat than keeping Hitler in power. Hitler was no longer as sharp, he would make silly decisions, he wouldn't think major problems through properly and this led him to start retreating and passing the book on to other generals. So that if all went wrong they would be to blame not him! 

He suffered tremors he was beginning to struggle writing letters and shaking hands ( causing him to retreat further from his public affairs ). These tremors lead to a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease in which Theodore Morell was treating him for. Which is a chronic illness and disease itself! So was he really this strong, unstoppable, and sharp God he lead his people and world to believe. That the race he felt was superior would rise above and always survive - no matter what? Would he now be losing his life to a silly disease?! Surely that couldn't take down someone so powerful. 

All of Hitler's symptoms although do relate to Parkinson's I do question whether Parkinson's was actually the source of the problem. 

We know that Lyme is known as the 'Great Imitator' and many people are wrongly diagnosed with MS, Parkinson's, CFS and many more chronic diseases. 

Hitler was exposed throughout his life to ticks

A. He fought in the trenches ( and we know Lyme can lay doormat for many years ).

B. He travelled.

C. He was always in hide outs for protection which were often hidden deep within wooded areas ( where deers and ticks are highly present).

D. He spent a lot of his time at his Berghof residence that was sent in the German mountains and was known to have many residences in the mountains throughout Germany, Poland and France. 

He was a prime target for ticks. 

Which leads me to question if indeed Hitler was indeed suffering from Lyme Disease. 

Hitler's health story - whether he had Lyme disease or not shows that we may believe we are invincible but anyone can be struck down by disease at any point. Does that mean we are weak because we have a contracted a chronic illness. Hell no! Most of the people it does affect were previously extremely fit and well individuals. 

To conclude; 

Chronic illness does not mean we are weak or would be the first to go in a fatal world wide attack. 

Everyone is in the firing line, nobody is safe or a superhuman.

We are forever being shown strong, fit people as the people we should be envious of and work on being more like. Equally the disabled to be hidden away, forgot and seen as weak when they too if not more so need to be celebrated for the amount of pain and suffering they battle through every damn day! Now that's strength! That is strength in a nutshell to me. 

Perfection does not exist. 

There is no ideal, we are unique and individual. 

Hitler has displayed pure lack of knowledge by putting his ego above actual truth. 

Strength like intelligence has many different ways of displaying itself. 

Even though Lyme disease was only becoming recognised as a disease in the 80's and is still unrecognised in many cases this does not mean that it wasn't among our society prior to this time. 

I strongly believe and would have encouraged Hitler to have had a Lyme test if he was here now and was presenting the health problems he was dealing with. I would find it most interesting to see the outcome. 

Would his generals have been sending him to the gas chambers for being 'useless' if he hadn't of being the leader of their country but still obeying his rules?! 

What do you think?

Did the leader of the third Reich that was going to conquer the world have Lyme?

I will leave those thoughts with you.



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