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End Of The Week Round Up. End Of The Season Symptoms.

Another busy week has come and gone. 

I think many of us have been suffering with the horrible coughs, sore throats and colds that have been flying around. I really hope you are all feeling better and getting through the worst of them now. 

We are having to accept that summer is now officially coming to an end and the 22nd September is when Autumn officially begins. Lyme U.K. are warning that now is the time when the temperature begins to drop that the 'bites' and Lyme that may have infected you over the summer months will now be in their preferred temperature environment to reproduce. So many who may have been biten but never suffered any symptoms at the time may now begin to experience symptoms and especially flu like symptoms. Which makes things a little tricky when the common cold  is around and about as it may cause you to fob these symptoms off as just being 'the common cold' symptoms. If symptoms do persist after a couple of days which no or any real improvements you must go to see your GP. Express your symptoms and explain you were biten. If they try to fob you off demand the course of doxycycline. The main and only recognised antibiotic by the NHS to help treat Lyme. If you are lucky enough to still be within the month window of being bitten and treatment then this 2 week course should enough to cure and flush out the bacteria from your blood stream. You can have up to a month's worth of doxycycline in one course. So if your symptoms aren't improving after 2 weeks then ask your GP for an extended course. If symptoms continue to persist or gradually begin getting worse than it may unfortunately mean that you now in the 'late stage Lyme' also known as chronic Lyme. Where the Borrelia ( Lyme bacteria ) has now drilled itself into your tissues and organs where they begin setting up shop, reproducing, confusing & supressing your immune system so they aren't attacked by your system, changing your DNA and causing chaos within your body. You now have a guest you will never get rid of, ask to leave or be able to kick out. We can only work on putting them to sleep and managing them.

You may begin to experience more debilitating symptoms such as joint pain, migraines, sickness, intolerances to foods, materials, fumes, sore throats, burning muscles, weaknesses, vision impairments, insomnia, memory loss to name just a few.

Getting a true diagnosis and treatment is hard! The NHS don't believe in chronic Lyme, their Lyme test is not as advanced as abroad tests yet they refuse to accept results carried out by labs aboard.

My advice? 

My advice is ask for an NHS Lyme test but also contact Armin Labs in Germany. Who will send you out a kit which you must find a local clinic who will take the bloods for you then to Fed Ex the bloods back to Germany for testing.

If your NHS test comes back positive then you will be subscribed the same course of doxycycline again. If negative you will be told you are crazy, depressed and well anxiety may be causing your symptoms. 

If you receive a postivie result from Armin then yes the NHS won't recognise these results but you will be able to seek treatments privately here or abroad. Where you will be able to find a range of different treatments through antibiotics, alternative therapies, herbal medicine and extra advice on the the disease. Even if you get a negative result from Armin this does not mean you don't have Lyme. If your symptoms still persist or become worse you must retest! The bacteria are extremely good at hiding themselves and may still be invading the body and playing a good game of hide and seek. With Lyme being so complex and the lack of research behind no test or treatments are 100 per cent accurate. 

So please, please if you are experiencing symptoms don't fob them off and look into testings. Don't wait and don't accept one answer. This disease is far too clever. 


As you all know my liver has been incredibly inflamed for the past 6 weeks following my last lot of treatment. I was struggling to get my ATL levels to decrease. Despite all the herbs, spices and foods I was eating which were helping but not bringing the levels down fast enough. I finally got in tablet form what I usually have through my IV infusions at Breakspear for liver detoxification and in just two days my levels had dropped by 20. Meaning my ATL level was 46! 40 being the high end of normal, but still classed as normal. I am hoping after a week of taking these tablets my levels will have dropped further so I can finally re-start treatments. 

With this detoxification process has meant extra liver pain and discomfort. Which is not pleasant but you know it's all doing good so you don't mind the pain so much. 

I have also begun taking some strong vitamin C & D complex tablets to support my immune system. Which again into just two days of taking them had increased my white blood cell count. When my immune system is 'woken' up however it causes my weight to be dip as my energy is used to fight all the nasties. This is really hard not only mentally but physically. As physically you are going through flare up's so you feel worse and all over the place and mentally because you feel like you have failed to move forward. You have moved forward in some ways and areas and back in others. 

The fun of fighting a number of wars. 

I am hoping I get some postivie blood results this week as well as praying that my Rife treatment in Hull on Wednesday is a postivie treatment for me. 

Having listened to people who are under-going this type of treatment they all say that it does knock you for six, many complaining of heightened fatigue as they under-go flare up's ( herxing ). So I don't know how I am gonna to feel afterwards. As Rife treatment is a laser type treatment where by the rays are focused on the whole body in hope to help illuminate the Borrelia and put them back to sleep. Stopping them reproducing. 

I believe on Wednesday I have roughly an hour and a half consultant, then the treatment, ending with meeting other Lymie's undergoing the treatment in a group meet-up. I am going to exhausted just by the day. 

We have a 2 - 2  and a half hour car journey down, then to under-go everything. Luckily we are staying over. So I can just rest before facing the journey home on Thursday. 

I am keeping an open mind and am truly hoping this could be the treatment that helps me. I know I will have to feel worse before seeing any possible improvements, but I am willing to accept the punches, smile through the blips if in the end I move forwards. 

I have been tiring very quickly this week so I am hoping that I do see improvements with this treatment as my friends wedding is in 12 days and I want to be able to relax, enjoy, keep pain levels bareable and not burn out with exhaustion. 

I will also be talking to my professor about the possibility of ozone thepary. Adding extra oxygen to the body to help detox the body of the toxins and viruses. This will need serious thought however, as it would mean travelling over to Cyrus for a number of weeks for the treatment. 

Anyone with chronic illness will know though - we will try anything!

Keep an open mind always.

Currently it's been an up and down week. I am pleased I have managed to keep busy ( publishing a book, emailing my MP, following the parasite conference in America and doing my immunology course.) Coming to terms with adapting. Managed to see my main support systems even if it's just for an hour! However I have been feeling quite tearful with last week's blip knocking me, the extra fatigue of course drives extra emotions, my joint, spine & liver pain have been quite intense and I have been suffering with that nasty cold in my ( ears, throat, head, nose and chest ). 

No rest for the wicked! 

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week. So let's see what it brings. 

I apologise for this late instalment. It takes me a while these days ( Lyme brain & fatigue ). 

I hope you have all enjoyed a blessed weekend.



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