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What Treatment Is For Me?

Phew, gosh it's overwhelming this Lymie game. 

What the hell is the best route to go down? 

Right let's digest all of this. 

Speaking to my Professor yesterday morning Mama and I felt postivie. The liver detox tablets & vitamin C & D complex have woken up my immune system, supporting it and flushing out the toxins better in my liver.

After six whole weeks my liver is finally down to normal levels. 

My ATL level this week being 37! Remember six weeks ago it was 130 high enough that I could have been at extreme risk of slipping into a coma. It was critical. So it's relieving to get these levels returning to normal. My white blood cells although still low but that the Lyme suppresses it and so low levels is a given. They have improved so that's postivie. My immune system is in a stronger position to fight all the viruses and bacteria. 

With the tablets extra support my weight rises again after last week's blip roughly to where I was before the blip, full moon and immune system struggling.

It also now means I can re-start treatment. Hopefully giving me extra support before the full moon ( Lyme reproduction time ) in two weeks time. 

He also wants me to invest in an in-house sauna tent. Which I should spend 30 minutes a day in. Why? The Lyme bacteria ( Borrelia) reproduce more efficiently in colder temperatures which is why they suppress our core temperature. Meaning we are always cold ( yes that's why I am always layered up! ) The sauna will help sweat out excess toxins - relieving the liver a little and stop the bacteria reproducing, putting them to sleep. This form of treatment is also a good idea for this time of year. With outside temperatures dipping fellow sufferers have shared that they go through more flare ups and heightened pain levels during this period because the Lyme is able to reproduce more efficiently. So having an aid to fight back will be ideal. I have already told my family and friends that I will have to hide away and keep warm over the colder period to keep pain levels under control and not give my Lyme the opportunity to take more control over me. 

Rife treatment - rife is not readily available in the U.K. Hull and Ireland being the only places to access it. This type of treatment works where the vibrations from the lasers and machine causes the bacteria to shake and implode. It takes a number of rounds and works alongside of antibiotics. 

There is a lot of science behind this form of treatment however it's so hard to know what works for you. Sufferers are all different and complex because of our co-infections and levels of bacteria within the body. With lack of research and tests there is no perfect test or treatment to guarantee to help let alone cure Lyme. 

Going through my results in the consultation they were all shocked at my awfully high levels of Lyme within my body and found it disgusting how my GPs don't recognise my Lyme, the results and how poorly I truly am. They just think I am crazy and attention seeking. 

Unfortunately I don't have the magic powers to change or alter my lab results. I have to accept that the doctors are just trying to protect their own backs so are pushing the blame on me. Leaving me to my own drive and motivation to seek treatments and heal myself.

It was then explained to me that the moment NHS test guidelines keeping rising so that everyone tested will most probably test negative. So then they can still sell the story that Lyme do not exist. So people fail to receive treatment and go undiagnosed. 

This to me is alarming and hurtful. 

So now. What now? 

Is it a good idea to keep up the Rife and see if I get results or solely focus on working with antibiotics?

It's been proven by the way they treat in America where they treat rotating three lots of antibiotics which does help slow and make the bacteria doormat but after completing the course sufferers often relapse has the Lyme re-awakens. Not conquering the problem full on. 

Yet I have more faith in my Prof, over the consultant I met with yesterday. 

Now, I must take the weekend to re-access and work out what route is going to be the route I go down.

Mama was saying 'Soph you can't do everything!' And I know this! I was just trying, trying so hard to find alternatives. We all know my body is so over-run with bacteria that antibiotics just overworks it so much that it puts extra strain on my system which is why I keep exploring altnerative medicine. I just want to feel comfort with the road I decide to travel down.  I just want to feel better. 

Lack of treatment options and treatment options with a high success rates are practically non-existent. Some people thrive of one treatment whilst another may knock themselves back for months by trying that form of treatment.

What the hell do you do?

The health professionals do their best to advise you and give you treatments they feel may help you the most. 

Lack of science, research, medical acceptance and treatment options makes this task 100 x's harder and many put their medical licenses at risk by trying to treat us. What an awful fact that is. We don't treat cancer this way, so why should Lyme be any different. 

So lots to think over and consider. 

For now I need to ride out this flare up and rest. Then addressing all my options carefully. 

Keep praying and fighting for a cure or even an effective treatment. 

Love and peace 



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