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Living The Dream- How To Practise Happiness

We put so much pressure on being happy no matter what the situtation. We believe that things or times can make us happy so waste all our energy and money surrounding ourselves amongst a false reality. 

We watch celebrities and our peers seemingly - living the dream. Fancy cars, big houses, beauty, marriage, careers and everything they ever wanted. They may smile and rave about all the things that fill their lives but are they really happy. The richest people in the world are the ones who are constantly in thepary. 

We have this vision that we need material things to fill our lives with happiness and that if we just hold on for tomorrow everything will be ok. We place happiness in objects and time frames. We ignore the fact that this only leads to disappointment. Why? Because they only feed short term happiness. They don't conquer or shape overall happiness.

Happiness can not be directed to outside sources but inner sources. 

People choose to be negative, grumpy people or postivie, up-beat people. 

Negative people put 'jolly' people down because they are jealous of them being able to master the skill of happiness and happy people have worked hard, continuing this work to substain the happiness they have placed in their lives.

By placed - I don't mean with objects. They have welcomed and practised the art of gratification, mindfulness, free-love, open mindedness and found balance within their lives.

It's not about being happy all of the time. We all have rough, sad days. That is life. It's about accepting the low days, crying them out, healing and learning from them. To ensure that the good days are as great as they can be. 

You attract what you project out to the universe. 

Outgoing happiness; 

Words that are habits which you need to incorporate into your life in order to become happier. 

In no particular order;

- share

- listen

- amuse

- touch

- approve

- recommend

- unburden 

- play

- connect 

- cherish

- love

- ease 

- liberate

- reassure

- support 

- witness

All important in their own ways. 

How and why?

Sharing; whether it's unloading to a friend or sharing a dessert you feel a sense of a relief and companionship. You aren't alone, you are sharing experiences, moments and memories together. In a world that has become very selfish and self centred which drives lonelieness. It is heart warming to feel & share the connection with someone. You know what they say, 'sharing is caring'.

Listening; listening to conversations, telly programmes, friends, bosses can help us to learn,grow as people. People also appreciate being taken notice of and will enjoy your company far more. 

Amuse; we all need to dose of laughter in our lives. It lightens an often gloomy world and it's like a drug we can't wait for another dose.

Touch; touch people with your heart, by sharing kind words and advice. A touch can be a simply hand on the shoulder or a hug so people know they aren't alone. 

Approve; be a positive, uplifting person who is more likely to say yes to things. 

Recommend; offer advice. Or if you know someone who can help, a product that can help always share you knowledge. 

Unburden; don't take on big, overwhelming tasks and decisions by yourself. This is only going to cause great amounts of stress which causes sadness. Avoid this by asking for a hand. Loved ones will always be more than happy to lend a hand.

Play; we have all heard the phrase, 'work hard, play hard.' This is true. We need that balance. Yes we need to work hard so we can live but we also only get one life. We are surrounded by amazing opportunities live them and experience all you can. Memories are for you to cherish for life. That endless stack of paperwork isn't going to make anyone smile soon or be a picture kept save in your heart!

Connect; connect to nature, people, opportunities and life. 

Don't isolate, or be narrow minded. Be open minded and reach out. The world has so much to offer! Explore! 

Cherish; the memories we make, the people that we meet, the friends and family we share our experiences with are what we keep close to our hearts. Everything has to come to an end at some point. So cherish every present moment! Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. 

Love; love is the most addictive drug in the world and it's free! Enough said! Share and surround yourself with it more.

Ease; life is filled with drama, which drives anxiety and stress. If you can make your situation easier - do! Life is too short to make things complicated and it zaps the fun! So talk, speak up and adapt to keep everything flowing! Leaving you more time to soak up the happiness.

Liberate; free yourself of guilt, self-hate, self-blame and toxic people. Anything negative that is currently present in your life aim to reduce and even better remove. This is one very important habit to practise. 

Reassure; accept your blips, mistakes and bad days. Everyone has them, don't punish or be too hard on yourself. Reassure others when they are going through a rough patch to understand that the road will never be straight and narrow, but we have to keep faith in fate. 

Support; support your friends, family and yourself. Listen to your body, your needs and feelings as well as others. 

Witness; be present. Soak up everything and see opportunities for everything they are. This can help your build as a person tremendously.

A lot of the habits above do encourage self-developement, kindness, thinking of others and learning. All traits that encourage happiness to blossom and help us gain a lot of gratification from. 

These are the stepping stones. 

Try to incorporate and practise them more in your everyday lives and see if you can see / feel the difference. 

Happiness is everyone's ulimate goal. Whether we admit to that fact or not. Yet so many of us can't find the key. This is because we get so wrapped up in false realities that surround us. Instead we must strip it back to the basics and build up. 

There are no short cuts in life.

Swiping that card and driving that brand new car will bring you joy but for how long?

Self-love and kindness is a joy that keeps on giving, again and again. Helping to substain a high happiness level. You don't have to swipe the car again, replace or upgrade to get the next dose of joy. 

Dig deep and think. 

What really does living the dream - look like and feel?

Do you still believe it's that big house on an island with just you living there?


Do you see that it's being surrounded by the people who bring us the most joy, the memories we cherish, the experiences we have ventured into and the love that surrounds you?

Happiness doesn't have a price tag. It's priceless to us and many of the habits and traits that make it up are also free

Stop with the outer sources and look within. 

Have a week filled with joy! 

Aim for your life to be the happiest it can be.

Love and peace 



If all else fails - follow Maxx's advice on how to be happy over mine!♥️ 

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